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The long, long journey of being the one and only me

My exam has ended…

My exam has ended...

I was supposed to look for a scene that expressed the jubilant feeling in me right now. But this looks alright too! Yup, just done with my last paper for this semester. Not that I have many, anyway. Just two. Suprisingly, I’m rather confident that I’ll do well. You can’t go very far from the right answer with Public Relations. Anyway, I’m on my way a pampering session. Two and a half hours worth. The last time, and the first, was some two years back, when I got my first paycheck! I debated and great length if I should go for this or a trip to Phuket, but since Tiger Airways rejected my booking, so…

The effect of blogging addiction

The effect of blogging addiction

Went on a shopping spree. Everything is Internet-related. Am I mad? You bet. Oh, the box of Ferrero Rocher doesn’t count. That was a gift from one of Taufik’s fans. So sweet of you, ZW. Thanks.

Another unintended effect – having your date dumping you. Sad? Yes. Upset? Yes. Worth it? Unsure. Would I have it any other way? No way.

Taufik CD

Taufik's CD

Illegal smuggling. Nah… Just packed envelopes of Taufik’s CD waiting to be shipped off. Taking orders through the website has been an absolute nightmare. Never will I do such huge task for free again. i mean, it’s all good for me to support the real talent and all that. But I have to draw the line somewhere.

Sight of the evening sun

Sight of the evening sun

It had been a long time since I last left office and the sun is still shining. Half the city is in dusk, the other half… Noon?

And it had been a long time since I had dinner with Thet. It seems weird now he no longer has a motorbike. I miss speeding down the expressway with him