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The long, long journey of being the one and only me

My Most Romantic Date

My Most Romantic Date

The sea breeze was blowing. Waves gently lapping at the shore. Rumba music playing loudly in the distance. Ships were sailing, their horn buzzing loudly. A lone sea gull flew across the sky.

But you and I are in our own world.

After 6 years, you would have thought it will be awkward. But it seems like only yesterday when we pick up from where we left.

As I lay in your lap and watch the stars and palms frame your face against the night sky, I feel blessed to have found you, again.

And this time I hope, for good.

My Most Romantic Date

Wine Appreciation Night

The event ended with a literal bang.

I mean, I have all the reasons to be jubilant about stuff. After all the problems that I encountered with the venue, everything ended up pretty fine. Three top reasons to be happy:

#1 : No la mei for the night
#2 : The bosses are happy
#3 : I had a blast acting classy in a suit

Okay, I know reason #3 is a bit lame, but hey whatever rocks my boat, man!

It was lots of detailed planning work, and not only on the event itself but the job board that I have to implement for their website. All in all, it was a relief that these collaborations had tied over.

After all the guests have left, Jude, Julie, Kelvin, Valerie and I had another round before happily headed home. It was yet another Friday night of drinks (the previous ones being this and this).

Wine Appreciation Night

Wine Appreciation Night

Wine Appreciation Night

Click here for the gallery

Farewell to Felicia

Today’s Felicia’s last day in office. She has been temping for my good company for sometime, and now it’s time for her to move on to Poly.

My group of guys then bought a surprise card for her. And as we said in the card, Felicia, you are really one sweet girl. As sweet as the chocolate cake you bought for all us.

Click here to view photos of Felicia and the rest

Keep in touch girl!

Farewell to Felicia

Happy Birthday, Ben!

Went to Detention Class to celebrate Ben’s 27th birthday. Lots happened – shouldn’t blog about that. You guys should know what happened. Thanks for being there for the fun, and comfort.

Now you know, I’m only human *wink*

But here’s one hilarious photo that I just have to post up first:

More pics in the gallery

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Behind The Smiles

While working on my company newsletters, we are trying out new features to highlight our candidates. So my new writer wrote a “sample” of how the feature will be like, based on yours truly. And this is the result:

Behind The Smiles

What strikes you when you first meet Roger* is how he doesn’t stop smiling. He claims, with almost comic deadpan, that he has “no passion” for anything and leads a simple life. But you soon learn that his trademark straight-faced demeanour hides an existential, philosophical streak.

He cheekily tells you about his roguish escapades on campus, coercing classmates to cover for his attendance. But just how the self-confessed mischievous student managed to top his class at the Nanyang Technological University Mechanical Engineering degree programme eludes me. And his remarkable high-grade average at his second degree, this time in Mass Communications, proves he is no flash in the pan.

Stumped? As was this writer. Until Roger, in his mid-twenties, threw me another of his signature curved-balls: “I like studying, I just didn’t like going to school.” – Thanks for the lifeline, Roger. I feel like drowning in this torrent of oxymoron. But Roger is perhaps so successful because of his independence. He possesses a distinctive desire to excel and pushes himself harder than any professor, co-worker, or boss ever could.

While he declines to divulge how much he earns, the middle-level manager readily admits he spends every single cent. But money is not a motivator for him. “There are more important things in my job,” Roger explains. “Like being happy with what I have achieved, how much more I can achieve, and knowing my work is recognised and appreciated.”

Right about then, the mystery that is Roger unravels. He has a passion for dodging questions and making this writer’s job more challenging. And he doesn’t stop smiling because he has a passion for life.

Of course, “Roger” is me. And I love this feature of me to bits. Thanks, Jude. You made me smile today =)

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The Day My Mood Swung

Have you ever wonder why someone who experience moodiness and general unhappiness is often labeled having “mood swing”, when obviously he is not having any “swing of mood”. If your mood swings from one (happy) end to another (moody) end, like a pendulum, then you are having a “mood swing”

Today is one of those day for me – I was mood swung (is there such a word).

The day started normally enough, until I turned my attention to the crisis at end for the wine appreciation session I am organizing for a bunch of marine engineers.

It was all about the venue. I had an agreement with the NTU Alumni Club to use their Da Vinci Lounge for the occassion. I had the entire pub to myself (glam hor), for a sum that is really reasonable. I was over the moon when I got to know the list of guests include some of the shakers and movers of the industry.

Until the Miss MRO (that’s members relation officer) told me the arrangement has to be modified, because “the management of the pub has changed hand” over the weekend.

I was like, “WTF?

So I found myself sitting at the deserted lounge today facing Miss MRO and the new owner of the pub. If there is one term to describe this new boss, it can only be chee ko pek.

Me: So you want to raise the cost of rental?

CKP: Yeah, from 9 p.m. onwards it is “golden time” for us

Me: (what a description) Uh, ok. I understand. Since the arrangement was with the previous operator, I know I have to adjust my expectations…

CKP: (cuts in) Unless, of course, you want to share the pub with the public. I will have some “la mei” show, it will be gre..

Me: (cuts in faster) .. uh, sorry, what mei?

CKP: “LA MEI“. You know, podium dancers?

Me: (You mean pole dancers, you CPK?!) Uh, ok. I don’t think that will be appropriate…

More negotiations ensued…

Me: Okay, so I’ll have the whole pub to myself until 9 p.m. After that, you can open the pub to the public. My guests would be leaving by then

CKP: (Eyes twinkling) Or, I can bring in the “la mei” in at 8.45, and your guests might not want to leave after all!

Me: (Speechless) Uh, I think that would not be appropriate… one more thing, can I have some waiters to pour wine?

CKP: (After a pause) S$8 an hour

Me: I’m sorry?

CKP: My waitresses are special, ok. They are models. For a 30 minutes show I pay them S$100

Me: You mean your waitresses are the pole dancers?

CKP: (Grinning) Of course! Special uniform.

Me: (Speechless)

What the fuck is NTUA thinking having such a sleazy operator running the freaking pub? What happened to the World-Class University vision when you have skimpily clad woman gyrating their sagging hips to entice alumnus who, being educated themselves, might be revolted by the whole fiasco?

So I headed back to office in considerable foul mood. End of work time came, and I have no heart to go for my class at MDIS. So I did what a good metrosexual will do – I cut my hair, ate a hearty dinner and shopped for clothes.

Decided to go for patterned short sleeve shirts! Honestly, everybody in my office can tell you I had NEVER roll down my sleeves unless I have to wear a tie (and, except for the first week of work), and that I always wore mono-coloured shirt.

A dull me no more – on to a more colourful wardrobe!

A dull me no more - on to a more colourful wardrobe!

My mood was considerably lighter. Until I saw the MDIS result slips sitting on my living room table.

FINALLY they are here! I was lamenting how slow the results were released just sometime last week.

I took a deep breath, changed into my skimpy shorts (for sleeping one!), sit in front of my PC, and ripped both of the slip open. It was one slip per module, and I was reading my results excruciatingly slow…. and…

Public Relations - A!

Advertising - A!

I was elated, of course! After all the stupid mishaps at work with the stupid CKP with his “la mei” dancers, this is definitely something to cheer me up! And happy I was!

Of course, considering I didn’t attend 80% of the class, and that I did the 2-months projects for both modules only one day before the deadline (and copying loads from the Internet, by the way), I still got my distinctions.

Okay, gotta give myself some credits. The project I did for my PR module was at least half-decent: I did something on Taufik, and it was through this campaign that the term “Taufik-ed was widely used among Fiknatics (that’s Taufik’s fan club). And the research and stats in the report are real – I have all the data at my fingertips anyway. So… it was little suprise when my lecturer wanted to send my report to Oklahama City University, for “benchmarking purposes”.

I hate myself for being not-so-modest, but hey, it had been a bad day. Gimme a break! =)

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Detention Class

Boss wanted the sales team and the CA team (that’s my group) to have a hangout session together. So at 5.30 p.m., half an hour before the official time to go home, the 5 of us headed down to Detention Class to join the rest. (Just added) The rest of the gang refers to David, Veronica, Angeline and Wendy (who lamented I didn’t mention her in the original post, hence this addition (= )

Actually, when I told them (I mean, my guys in the group) about the beer session yesterday, most were like… alamak, really have to go ah? Jude was like not really keen (“maybe I got something on la, but not confirmed yet”), Ryan was obviously have other more terrifying commitment (“can leave by 7? gotta meet girlfriend la”), and Thet didn’t want to come at all (“got class at 7, have to leave early”). Benjamin, on the other hand, was happy to come along (“would love to be there tomorrow!”) when I called him the night before, but Zor eventually didn’t go at all (“I am a good girl, I don’t drink la” – which is the truth)

So what was meant to be a short session before everyone headed their own way took longer than expected – all in all, we spent about 4.5 hours at the pub drinking, eating, smoking and generally making a mess out of ourselves. Haha… except for Ryan who REALLY have to leave about 8, the rest of us stayed till 10+

That night was certainly a night to remember. I mean, when I hired the three new guys for my team, I didn’t really know the personal side of them. Now I know that Ryan is much much more talkative than the “cool” guy I thought he was (I mean, you don’t see a cool guy yakking away like a makcik, do you?). Jude thought he is hung like a horse (tummy-wise), and Ben did a free willy and almost killed several families when he was a reckless 19 year old in Indonesia.

And it had been a long, long time since I last saw Thet to be so genuinely happy. And I am glad the night turned out the way it did. Thanks guys for the loveliest April Fool Day I had, ever.

Detention Class
Detention Class
Detention Class

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I cant sleep… and didnt feel the tremor

Was trying to sleep for the pass hour. Tossing around in bed and finally given up the idea of sleeping.

Turned on MSN, and saw many people with new nicks – “OMG! I felt the tremor!”, “How come I didn’t feel the tremor?”

I was thinking, “What the hell?”

Turned to Mr. Brown Blog, and found out that residents of Punggol and Sengkang felt the tremor. More comprehensive updates are on PunditGuy. A link to the Metrological Services in NEA new service:

    “The tremors felt in Singapore at 12:10 a.m. on 29 March 2005 were due to an earthquake that occurred in Southwestern Sumatra, approximately 600 km west southwest of Singapore. The magnitude of the earthquake is 8.2 on the Richter Scale. The epicentre is located at Latitude 2.1S and Longitude 97.0E.

Chatted with Shafik on the tremor:

    17 candles. wow, i’m growing old.. says: OMG!
    SmartGeek – I dream of New York says: i hope its not another tsunami
    SmartGeek – I dream of New York says: they warned that the fault line near tat region is under huge stress
    17 candles. wow, i’m growing old.. says: wat was the richter scale for the the recent tsunami?
    SmartGeek – I dream of New York says: yes. about the same

I really hope it is not another tsunami. I don’t think I can take the drama.

(Updated) Some insightful comments on Mr. Brown Blog:

“Wa lau, one after Christmas day another after Easter. Is someone trying to tell us something?”

“wow, et, gee… thanks… i didn’t think i could feel any more weirded out, but i guess i can…. *shivers*”

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When Good is Bad and Bad is Good

I received a letter from MDIS today. My heart skipped a beat. It must have been my exam results for Sem 1! Wow, finally!

Then I noticed the other letter addressed to me – NKF. My immediate thought was, “What?! Another direct mailer from them?“. Sorry for being a total jerk here but I do feel that the amount of direct mailing I got from them would have cost more than the mere amount I contribut monthly.

I thought, on with the “bad” info first. So I ripped open the NKF letter.

Lots of niceties, praising me to the heaven, telling me how many lives I have save for my donations, bla bla bla… the letter ran two pages long. Wait, there’s a receipt attached to the letter.

“… contributed the sum of S$72.00…”

Wow, I donated that much? And then I noticed in the last paragraph of the letter that my donation can claim for me double the donated amount for tax relief. I mean, wow! So it is not such a bad mailing after.

Then, I ripped open the MDIS letter. To my dismay, no confidential slip inside, but just some memorandum about the change of exam date (gosh, about a month away!), and… my assignment is due on the 5th of April. That’s like, what, next week?! I have about 8 days to complete my assignment.

Sigh, mean reminder. Now I have to burn my weekend learning about Singapore Budget, bla bla bla…

And what is taking them so long to let me know my results. It has been two months already! *grumble*

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My brother comes to town

(Large photos, be patient while it downloads)

My brother comes to town

My brother comes to town