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The long, long journey of being the one and only me

The One With The Art Of Art Jamming

What is art jamming? It was touted as a group activity where you and your friends gather together in an art studio, pick a canvas, and start painting. Amidst the background music, chatter and (often) free flow drinks.

Art jamming is all that, but to me it was more.

Art Jamming @ Central

There is something about diving into painting whatever your heart desire, with no planning and no vision. You just let your imagination flow, your brushes stroke, your paints colour.

Art Jamming @ Central

In the hour or two I spent painting, I found some inner peace. A sense of tranquility of what the mind can do, and sense of pride of what my creativity can produce.

Definitely an activity you could consider doing with your date. I mean, how many time can you go to movies and for dinners with your boyfriends/girlfriends? Here are some places I have been to for some hours of art jamming fun:

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The One With Hungry Ghost Festival

Wow, I just realised that tonight is the start of the Hungry Ghost Festival, thanks to this tweet from Brad.

Hungry Ghosts Festival

Not that I do pay attention to Hungry Ghost Festival. While I do take note of the usual housewife precautions about not going out until late at night, not to venture into dark areas, to trust your instinct when something feels wrong etc etc etc… I don’t really think much about the festivities.

How festive can you get during the month when the dead revisit the living and the living remember the dead?

Still, it’ll probably do me good to visit the Wong Tai Sin temple just to pray for my recently departed uncle, whom joined my grandfather and great grandmother.

The One With Bits & Pieces From Home

Gifts... from home

After being away for so long, there will be days when you think of home and couldn’t remember what it stands for. Luckily I have friends like Chris and Kenny whom, unknowingly, had unleashed a torrent of emotions in me with their little gifts from the country I no longer really call home.

There are tea bags from Sabah, Old Town white coffee (that’s actually cappuccino) from Ipoh, and the Petronas Twin Towers stickers.

And one of Kenny’s. The honey jar from New Zealand.

The One With April Fools’ Day

Birthday Outing To Ocean Park

Well, what do you know. It’s the 1st of April. Also affectionately know as the April Fools’ Day. Apart from the opportunity to play pranks on people, I also like to think today marks the beginning of April, also the beginning of second quarter of the year.

Now, where did all the time go?

It has been some time since I last blogged. I had the best intention to continue blogging – heck, I even have a Blogging Schedule on Google Calendar – but I lapsed. Drowned. In work, dates, going outs, what-have-yous. In a blink of an eye I come to face that, well, I haven’t exactly moved on from where I was one quarter of a year back.

The other day a friend played a prank on me. Not that I was offended; I mean, I am known to be able to laugh at myself at the worst of time. But in a charade to mask the friend’s intention as simply an amusing joke, I simply said:

Don’t do to others what you don’t like others do to you.

Simple enough, isn’t it? I find it difficult to comprehend why some people think it is perfectly alright to treat others in some way, yet get mad when others treat them the same.

How bizarre.

Another thing I learned recently is to slow down in life. There is always more work waiting for you in the office, always another train coming just one minute later (in HK, that’s true), always another person who think you are worth at least a date.

So relax and try not to inhale your lunch in five minutes flat.

I like the idea of a Ferris wheel. Once you are in, there is nothing else you could do but to sit it out while the wheel takes all the time in the world bringing you to heaven and back. You have no choice but to slow down and see. And listen. And smell.

And smile. The world is too beautiful to be experienced in a rush. And that ain’t no joke.

The One With The Family & A Funeral

Uncle's Funeral

As much as it was a sad occasion, the passing on of my uncle has brought my entire family together. I cannot remember the last time my mother, sister, brother, and various aunts and cousins gathered at one place.

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The One With Family Time

Sights of Menglembu

Family time is always precious to me. The occasion when all my family members gathered at one place at the same time is so incredibly rare (given that we live all over the globe), I can’t remember the last time we did that.

Not even Chinese New Year.

So this time round, as we once again reunited in my hometown Menglembu, may our family bond be rekindled and strengthened, to withstand the test of distance and time.

The One With The Valentine’s Day… Again

Adoro questa poesia...

It is time of the year again. I’ll refrain from making the usual references on how commercialised the day is, how sickeningly sweet everywhere will be, and how distressed boyfriends would get…

… but oh, I did just that.

But more to the point, I realised that love is something best not left to fate. Especially so if you don’t want to be left on the shelf. Those who claimed others who are practical in love are not in love have obviously never been single for too long.

That is like some sort of weird tongue twister.

So this year, singletons like me should go out and be lovely, lovable, loved. As much as love can be a chemical reaction in your brain, it also make your world goes around.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

The One With Slowing Down In Life

It has been some time since I last blogged.

A few days of absence in the blogosphere seem terribly long, especially for someone who has been posting everyday. Since returning from my trip from Europe (which in itself was a total saga befitting its own series of posts), as expected I was hit by despicable jet lag and time spent resolving issues raised from the said saga.

Yet in the flurry of paperwork, emails, bureaucracy and red packets, I came to realised a stark comparison between life in Hong Kong and Europe.

In particular on how I live my life.

Having a pint of beer near Sintra train station.

I love to read on the go. I always have a book with me anytime, anywhere; on the train commute to work, while having dinner, while being on holiday. It was so much of a habit that I didn’t question why I was doing it in the first place.

Over my holidays in Europe, I also carried a book on me all the time. But I realised that, in over three weeks, I could hardly finish one book. T

That would have come across as strange, considering that I have plenty of time in between attractions and meals to fill in. If I could read so much in hectic Hong Kong, why would I read less in laid back Sintra?

Then it hit me. The pace of life in Europe was definitely slower. I saw more, I listened more, I smelled more. I cherished things more. I realised I was busy enjoying what I was seeing to actually need a book.

In Hong Kong, I often lose myself into the written words. I realise I do it when life is sweeping me by; crowded trains, busy cafes, noisy hairdressers.

It appears that books saved me from being too hassled by the frantic city I am living in.

Could it be true? Could I be hiding behind books in fear of being swept away by the relentless bullet train of my life in Hong Kong?

The One With Chinese New Year Family Dinner

When it comes to festive season feast, few can beat the Chinese. The vast variety, the ultra importance and the sheer cholesterol made it almost the whole point for families to travel thousand of miles to exchange pleasantries and “ang pow” (money in red packets) before the real event.

To welcome the (5th day of) Lunar New Year, allow me to continue with my series of food porn… this time focusing on Chinese New Year food in Hong Kong.

Starting the night with a glass of champagne.

HK Family CNY Dinner

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The One With Discovery Bay To Mui Wo Hiking Trail

Winter in Hong Kong has many benefits. Apart from its fashion advantage, this is probably the best season to explore the many hiking trails in Hong Kong. I don’t know about you but I don’t fancy perspiring like a pig in heat mounting the slops in the oppressive hear of summer.

Which is why when I was invited to go for the easy trail (I am speaking in relative here) of Discovery Bay towards Mui Wo at Lantau Island one cold Sunday, I agreed without a second thought.

(P.S. I could go on and on and on about the principles of having second thoughts, which comes second nature living here, but that could be as long as its own post and will be totally irrelevant here)

Where was I? Oh yes, the hike. We took a quick, painless and surprisingly modern ferry for a thirty minute journey from the Central pier towards Discovery Bay, the start of the trail.

The Discovery of Discovery Bay

Sunday Hiking Trip from Discovery Bay to Mui Wo

Discovery Bay, also nicknamed as the Delivery Bay, was chokeful of expatriates and their babies with the omnipresent maids. As this was my first visit here, I was quite taken by surprise. In my mind, the Discovery Bay was more of a laid back, rustic beach town, probably with some sandy beaches, swaying palm trees and electric cars. I was only right in one count out of three. DB was more of a residential Disneyland than an actual expat village with character. It would be pointless to visit, unless (of course) you have friends who lived here. I imagine the living condition here to be great, secure and predictable… very much like Singapore.

I meant it, of course, in a good way.

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