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The long, long journey of being the one and only me

The One With Christmas – Joy From Greenland & Thoughts On Friendships

So the postcard finally came. The self-paid mail Christmas order all the way from Greenland.

Merry Christmas from Greenland

It’s nice having mail on Christmas Eve. This card is part of the service of Santa Claus Post Office at Nuuk, Greenland. You pay some EUR7 for a post card, write in your address and leave it behind. The elves of Santa will then post it to you nearer to Christmas so that you get some festive cheer in the post.

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The One With Tony & Yali Wedding

For a person who bats for the other team, I have been to a fair few weddings in my life. When I was younger, the weddings I have been to are usually ghastly, cookie-cutter affair. Granted, I have only attended the banquets at these weddings, but even these were more predictable than my mom’s weekly grocery list. I started the first course with utmost sincerity and warm wishes for the newlyweds; by the fifth I was yearning for desserts to be served so that I can go home and forget the dull, dull moments of drunken toasting, horrible singing and bland food I had to endure.

Tony & Yali

However as I grow older, the weddings I attended to took on a more comfortable, if peculiar, personality. Instead of staring in confusion at the invitation card with names I don’t recognise (these were usually from the genre of familial weddings), I found myself inexplicably looking forward to these little packages of matrimonial joy. What used to be viewed as a “wedding bomb” – no one likes spending money on weddings of people they don’t know – is now a token of recognition.

Recognition, because these invites now come from close friends. Friends whom have been there when I was a young, naive thing. Friends whom have seen the best and worst of me (often worst). Friends whom loved me for who I am, not what I was or what I could become.

Friends who wanted me to be a part of their celebration.

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The One With Three Thoughts As I Turn 33


It has been a month since I wrote anything on this blog. Life has its way of creeping up on you, demanding your attention and energy, distracting you from noticing how fast time flies.

I sounded like a broken record. Seconds tick forwrd as earth turned. So why did this month feel any different? For the past three weeks, I was embroiled by commitment, promises and desires. It was just one thing after another; before I know it, the day is here.

I am turning 33.

Research says turning 33 is probably the best thing could happen to someone. That we are at our happiest at this particular age; when we are just matured enough to know what is best (or bad) for us, and to know where our inner compass lies, pointing us to our true north.

Does it?

Just between you and I, I’ll be honest – I don’t know. Who can tell what will happen when the clock ticks past twelve? Would I suddenly blossom into a man full of wisdom, ready to take on the world, making its treasure mine?

The future is yet to be written, but instead of looking forward, I dwell back to the past three weekends, when I was so busy and occupied with life, my reality felt like a dream on crack.

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The One With Jack Wills Hong Kong – Fabulously British & So Can You!

If you have yet to hear about Jack Wills Hong Kong, you are either living in caves cut away from human communications, or just not being on Facebook and Twitter enough.

Have you been tweeting and Facebooking more, I am sure you would have heard of the British brand, which has just opened its Asian flagship store not in one but TWO locations in Hong Kong; one in Causeway Bay and the other in Tsim Sha Tsui.

My first encounter with the brand was, surprisingly, not online. I work in Causeway Bay and on my way to feed my caffeine addiction every day, I will walk pass Jack Wills in the morning. In the beginning I was slightly intrigued by the tagline “Fabulously British” because to me that is ultra chick (think Nottinghill in London) but what could have been more out of place than the densely packed Leighton Road with its endless human traffic and buildings both new and old struggling for space?

Jack Wills Hong Kong

I was in for a surprise. Instead of being a royal sore thumb, the iconic pink and navy striped building stood out like a majestic shopping oasis calmly amidst the craziness that was Causeway Bay. By then, I already knew about Jack Wills on Facebook and @jackwillshk. However it was this that sealed the deal for my affinity towards the brand.

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The One With Top Marques Macau – Fast & Furious

Let’s face it, it’s not every day that a foodie gets to ride in a Lamborghini race car, still warm from its recent run at a real grand prix. But that’s exactly what happened to me last weekend, as I spent a day last weekend at the Top Marques Macau, the only live supercar show in the world! This world famous exhibition was held at the Venetian Macau.

Top Marques Macau 2011

The four of us bloggers attended not as any Tom, Dick, and Harry yo… as real VIPs, thanks to Elle (girl, you rock!!!).

Top Marques Macau 2011

So what does a VIP get to do? First of all, of course, you get a buffet food and (more importantly) bottomless champagne. This is key as a hungry foodie is not a happy foodie, especially after an hour of bumpy ride to Macau.

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The One With Smirnoff BE THERE! Party

Who would have thought? Even thought Western Market was right downstairs from my home, and The Grand Stage which was located at the third floor never did appeal to me.

The night of Smirnoff BE THERE! party was the first time I set foot at the place. And boy was I in for a surprise!

Smirnoff BE THERE! Party at Grand Stage, Western Market

Who would have thought the sleepy Western Market was this happening? The crowd was decked to kill for the night too, so much so that I had to head home for a change of outfit!

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The One With Hong Kong Ocean Park Halloween Bash

Every year my friends will want to go for Hong Kong Ocean Park Halloween Bash. Rumours were adrift that the bash is really scary, out of this world (pun intended) and superbly fun.

But like all good intentions with my dear friends, clashing schedule and pure misfortune prevented us from setting foot into the bash every October. However this year, thanks to a stroke of luck (actually, not really, it was a photo contest which actually was more pain than fun, but that’s another story), I got myself a pair of tickets to this year’s bash!

Halloween Bash At Hong Kong Ocean Park

Because of the aforementioned photo contest, I got the tickets pretty late, and it wasn’t until the very last Saturday of the Halloween season when my better half and I managed to find time to head down to Ocean Park.

Like thousands of others. Oh my freaking God. Bloody hell, the tickets are not cheap, you know (even though mine were free). Where did these kids get the money?

Halloween Bash At Hong Kong Ocean Park

Putting my fear of long queue and sweaty teenagers aside, I bravely ventured in. And up the mountain we went! It was my first time taking the cable car at night.

Halloween Bash At Hong Kong Ocean Park

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The One With Apple Store At IFC Mall

Any Apple fan boy worth his (i)Salt would have heard of the grand opening of Apple Store at IFC Mall, Hong Kong over the weekend.

Apple Store @ IFC Mall, Hong Kong

Touted as the most expensive Apple store in the world (not by size, but its sheer rental price, I could imagine), the Apple store was a sight to behold.

Apple Store @ IFC Mall, Hong Kong

Without the crowd, it would just be yet another store, striking as it was with its immense natural light and tastefully designed retail space occupying two floors of prime real estate in Hong Kong. But it was the party-like atmosphere with some 200+ Apple employees decked out in blue t-shirts (I heard some are even for sale on eBay) chattering and entertaining legions of diehard “Mac heads” and curious onlookers that made it the almost perfect shopping experience.

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The Month That Was August

As I sit here trying to think of a good opening sentence for this blog post, my mind is in a blur. So much has happened in the past month, I am not quite sure where to start, nor end.

But hey, isn’t every other month in one’s life, it is as such?

August has been a whirlwind of dining out and work woes. I said woes in the broadest sense of the word. Some woes are better than the other, and they are the cornerstones of success. I have spent so much time at work, jumping from one task list to another, launching project after project… at times, as I sit down for a meeting, my mind went, “Okay, what is this meeting about?”

Now that all my projects are up and running, I can take a breather.

August was also the month I tried new places for dinner. Armed with a stack of Groupons, I must have traveled the length of HK Island expecting new adventures.

Of adventures, I got it. But not necessarily of the kind I was looking forward to. Ah well, when it comes to food, you win some, you lose some.

So, August has not been entirely great, but it was also a month I realised some things have got to stop, some things need to be cherished more, and some things are better left to be. I like to think this wisdom has come with age, but it’s more likely that I have grown accustomed not to care as much.

The only thing which I cared more for are when three of my closest friends from Singapore came to Hong Kong. All three came within the same two weeks. Juggling between the desire to spend time with them, the demand of work, and the commitment to my better half, I felt like a Superman. In a good way.

Oh yes, it was in August that I took one of the biggest financial decisions I have ever made in my life. All things considered, it was the most responsible decision to make, but it also means prudent and frugal months ahead.

Of that, my friends, I seek your understanding. You will know what I mean.

I would like to end of this somewhat random blog post with a photo of something I truly proud of.

Cupcake Party

Yes, I made them.

The One With Loud Festival Hong Kong 2011 & The Superstar Power That Was Jay Chou

It was feast for the senses.

I must be the last person you would expect to attend a rock concert. Next to my mother, I am the most pop culture ignorant you could find. I can tell the difference between Kenny Rogers and Frank Sinatra, but not of Kei$ha (huh?) and Bieber (huh?!). The whole experience was even more ironic since it was a Chinese rock concert.

But a free ticket is a free ticket. When I was asked to attend the Loud Festival Hong Kong 2011 at the Asia World Expo on a Saturday night, to be seated at prime seats (read: the most expensive ticket on sale), it took me only a minute to say yes.

Loud Festival Hong Kong 2011

See, I wasn’t even dress appropriately! But that didn’t stop me from appreciating in awe some of the best acts from the Chinese music industry.

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