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Blogstrolling.. and true friends

Been blogstrolling. Haven’t been doing that enough lately.

CowboyCaleb mentioned something that tugged at my heart string:

“The all-night event playing Mario Party was an attempt to recapture our friendship like the way it was when we were still kids. It may be the last time we get to do such things as I’ve got my own life and she’s got her own life and we’re both busy busy busy people. The fun of both of us doing something irresponsible and naughty while snogging beer and screaming obscene words at the top of our voices in the wee hours of the morning and then feeling rotten the next day because we didn’t get enough sleep.

Isn’t that just vilely juvenile fun?

So I guess a true friend is somebody you don’t really outgrow but rather somebody who grows with you”

As I look back at my almost 6 years in Singapore, my number of true friends can be counted with 5 fingers. Thanks dudes and dudess. You know who you are. Love you all.

Moo-Moo Incident

Mutated cows had been sighted around Singapore recently.

The cows, believed to be unleashed by the equally multi-colored cab company, Comfort Delgro, were seen “mating” at open grass areas around the republic.

Fellow bloggers captured the indecent on camera.

BlogStroll #1

(Raz Note: I have decided to pay weekly homage to those blogs under my Blogroll. I will be featuring some of the best bits of their blog posts under a regular, err, feature. I call it BlogStroll. Here come’s the first installment)

When Blogger Annoys You

Those of us who had been annoyed by Blogger’s instability has reasons to cheer.

Load, load, load...

No more waiting for ages only to get an 404.

A Guy in His Birthday Suit

Vouyeurism? You might think this guy is sick. I don’t think so. I simply love the way he uses photos to weave a story of himself and his (sometimes idiotic) ideas. This time, he wore a “birthday suit” that “fits like a glove” walking around town… and got more stares that he was comfortable with.

“This is my friend Kiwi. She’s the one taking the pictures (pretty much all but this one). Strangely enough, while women would check me out from head to toe, men pretty much went straight for the package. For some reason though, she wasn’t able to document the phenomenon…”

The Phenomenon
The Phenomenon

I just wish he has decency to wear an underwear under that suit.

Do you have Starbuck?

From The Pundit Guy: Do you love or hate Starbucks? If you hated it (not because of the coffee, but the corporation as whole), then you’ll love this site:

“The mission of is to assist the public in finding and supporting independently owned cafés.On the results page for each search, listings of both independently owned cafés and Starbucks retail stores are presented. By comparison of numeric quantity and site-specific detail, the viewer/searcher will see evidence of the unchecked aggression and power in the hands of corporate businesses, such as Starbucks.”

Personally, I love Starbuck. If I can afford it, I will have one cup of Coffee of the Day everyday. Grande-sized, nothing less. There is something comforting about leaving your office cubicle, take a stroll* down to the outlet at my office building, and feel the familiar warmth of a cup of coffee. Ahhh…. indulgence.

*That’s how I came out with the “concept” of this kind of post. The BlogStroll. As in Blog(ST)roll. Get it?

Other Noteworthies

Did you know you can sell your car simply by blogging about it? I bet you don’t! But this guy did.

Have you been reading Xiaxue’s blog? Arguably she is the most famous blogger in Singapore. Love her, hate her, but there are more like her around, says Mr. Big Fuck.

Never play cheat to a (woman) blogger. You might never know when your disgusting scam came out for everyone to see/read/link-to. I mean, if I am that guy, I would rather DIE.

Urban Male Bitch loses his “m”-virginity: “I sat still on the bed, wondering what would happen next. I have read so much about it, but yet, still unsure of myself. She returned, and motioned for me to lie down. She started with the toes, and the feet, and slowly worked her way up towards my groin, stopping short of the loin area. My body tensed, from her touch.

My Fav Blog Post

And finally. my favourite blog post for today. From Mr. Brown

“I RECENTLY started to exercise again. The final straw was my wife asking me to move, because my stomach was blocking the wind from the fan. Like I was some beached whale, blocking her feng shui.”

I liked the beached whale part.

Fav Blog Post for 8/4

From Finicky Feline:

“It’s funny how people can use religion to justify certain events that happen.

My colleague was telling me this morning that she has to go to church tonight. Then her son called her and asked her to go for seafood instead. She told me “Aiya, too bad I have church tonight” and I told her she shouldn’t see church as an obligation and should be happy and motivated to go to church. She then looked at me for the longest time and said “God is speaking to me through you”. I had to quickly gulp my milk down before I burst out laughing”

Went to see a gay play at Esplanade today, and took lots of pics to and fro the place. No time to post though, coz Liping and Zhiren dropped by tonight. Will do it tomorrow!

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Fav Blog Post of the Day

From Scribbles by TR:

“Like me. Hate me. I really don’t give a damn anymore but I really appreciate if people just leave me the fuck alone. Don’t view me as a lost cause that you need to bring back to the “right path”. What makes you think that your path is THE right path, anyway?”

Phweet! Way to go, gurl!

The Bloke and A Fish

This gotta be the best blog post I have ever read in months.

Albeit a bit silly, and probably the Asian carp that guy tried to saved is dead, but the documentary was well presented with loads of photos and step by step recount of what happened – from the fish market and to the river.

Funny at places, shocking at others, the tale is like no other and it brought wave of warmth to my heart. Though this fella is miles away, I gotta say – you brought hope to many of us who are convinced that silly, kind-hearted blokes like you are long extinct.

The Bloke and A Fish

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Blog Readers – You are wanted!

Welcome to You Got Me Blogging. You are probably here because you followed the old link of my blog – (it’s a long story). Click to go to the main page of the new blog you are at now.

From someone’s nick on MSN, I knew that tonight a girl will be voted off. I had a good idea which girl it will be, but still I was kinda disappointed. I was actually hoping it will be one of the guys this time round (why am I reminded of “Survivor” here?). Honestly, I really don’t like the way he smirked whenever his singing ability was challenged. Or maybe I shouldn’t be judgemental – perhaps when he was simply born to look that way when he tried to look humble.

Or, at least I should be grateful that it was not my favorite who was voted out. But still… knowing it will be girl before the show starts took away the fun.


What’s up with getting more people to read your blog? Alright. So I put some links to my Amazon affiliate programme. But I honestly didn’t try to get more readers by linking up to Mr. Brown or PunditGuy in my post on the quake-induced termor that night.

But what Mr. Brown said strike a chord. So I visited this Finicky Feline blog to get a tip or two on how to get more readers by not leeching them off Mr. Brown.

In summary, the best ways are:

1) Link to Mr. Brown
2) Personal Sex Stories
3) Personal Pictures (if you think you are gorgeous – so I will)
4) Whine of being a piece of shit yourself
5) Write about someone outraging your modesty
6) Write about your daily life’s melodrama

I had done (1). And did some of (3). Should I write about the rest?

I don’t really need more readers, you know. I mean, yeah more will be good. If don’t have, also never mind.

But if you are reading this, whoever you are – leave a comment, damnit!

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The End of a Great Blog

No, not mine. Don’t you worry! =)

I was browsing some of my favorite blogs this morning. To my dismay, one of my favorite “hate” blog with awesome retro pics has ended its run. The blogger will blog whenever his (or her – no one really knows) housemate pisses him/her off. Together with his/her hilarious details of the disgusting housemate’s unforgiveable act are awesome photos, edited to suit the topic of disgust for the day. He/She cracks me up with his/her choice of photos!

One of his/her most amusing postings:

Last night at 1am I was woken by the door bell ringing, and was greeted by my flatmate apologising because she claimed to have lost her keys, again..

Before I left this morning, my flatmate asked to borrow my keys so she could get a new set cut, and casually mentioned that hopefully someone will return her keys because she had her name and address on the keyring. “Are you serious?” I said disbelievingly. “Yes, after loosing them last time, I thought it would be better if anyone who found them had enough information to return them”. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Her stupidity is just to great for me to tolerate. “So, you know now that someone might have the keys to our apartment, and know where our apartment is… right?”. “I guess so”. “Do you think that might be a problem?”. “Umm, maybe..”. Oh dear, this bitch has no idea where I’m going with this. “OK, you’re staying here today. You will not leave this house. I will put a new lock on the door.”

The reason he/she stopped blogging? He/She moved out!

Cool eh? I am glad I have yet to lose my housekey so far, and the only indiction the keys are mine is the metallic key chain with the “R”

Who says Singaporeans cant make a joke?

Downright cheeky, that is. Despite my oncoming fever, this blog got me laughing so bloody hard.


Suzanne: Ok thanks Paul. And that’s Paul Dekkers with the market report. I think we are coming close to the end of today’s edition of “ Wake Up Your Fucking Ideas Singaporeâ€?.
Richard: Oh my, how times fly. Anything to add Suzanne?
Suzanne: Nothing much. Just something that has been bugging me since I co-host this show with you.
Richard: And what will that be?
Suzanne: Why do you keep sitting with your legs so wide apart? They are almost 180 degrees spaced out.
Richard: What can I say. I’m very well endowed right down there.
Suzanne: Aiyoh, so naughty.

This blog going down my fav list!

I Thought Wrong

Searching for free Blogger templates had been a complete hassle. It’s difficult to find nice ones, and when you did managed to, it won’t be suitable for your blog.

Asking for friends to help to design is yet another tricky matter. You can’t be too demanding, but you don’t want a half-cooked job as well.

Learning to do design myself will be another tortorous, head-splitting endevour. I don’t need that kind of hard work.

So I decided to pay for a blog design. A nice one. I thought it will be a breeze, care free, and get what you want.

I thought wrong. It turned out to be the biggest headache of all.

No photos today. Bad mood. Insomnia. Splitting headache.