The One With Okonomi – My Choice Of Sashimi Takeaways

When the cravings for Japanese food come a-knocking, I have three ways to fulfill them:
1) Go to a fancy restaurant for a proper sit down dinner, like The Mon and Hal’s
2) Sit at a sushi bar for more reasonable prices, like Sushi One, or a crowd favourite like Koheitsu
3) Get some takeaway sashimi and sushi

Okonomi Sashimi

So when funds were a little low recently and the cravings was high, the third option became the obvious decision. I ordered my usually platter of delicious sashimi with a side of jade sea whelks from Okonomi, this little hole-in-the-wall Japanese place along Canal Road East in Causeway Bay.

Okonomi Sashimi

They offer only takeaways and reportedly open till 4 a.m., so if you are craving from a spot of raw fish with some fierce wasabi (alas, more chemical than the real thing), this is the place to go for.

This was a portion of two, of course. I have yet to master the strength nor build the stomach capacity to guzzle down an entire platter of this!

Note: This post will be updated later when I get my hand on the exact address of the place.

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