The One With Zushi Ana – Traditional Sushi Experience In A Modern Environment

It was quite a late dinner for us right after a movie. I vaguely remembered a recommended Japanese restaurant by a colleague that was newly opened in Times Square. Zushi Ana was located right at the thirteenth floor of the building, where the cinemas were. The restaurant looked rather inviting so we stepped in for some late chows.


Zushi Ana

Glowing, warm light in a dark, posh environment always arouse my appetite. It is not something for everyone – most will complain about the inability to read the menu properly due to the the dim light – but I’ll say hey, that’s what candles are for! So I tilt my menu to the (electric) flame and read on, while all around a friendly, chatty atmosphere continue on through the night. Definite long time fans, I thought.


Zushi Ana

At the entranace of Zushi Ana was a traditional Japanese “stall” serving alcohol complete with stools for patron to sit on, though no one did while we were there. If the owner wanted to make us feel as if we stepped into Japan once we crossed the threshold, I guess he managed it all right.

Zushi Ana

Filament tube-like bulbs hung from the ceiling casting a low yet warming hue on everything, while playful mural adorned the walls cleverly highlighted with stronger lighting. It was like having multiple shows around you while you dine. Not a bad idea, I thought. And of course, there was an open sushi bar where the chefs (eight of them!) toiled through the night.


We didn’t order anything special beyond the standard tea, though I didn’t go for a pint of draught Kirin. Perhaps it was my medication earlier on, or the tiring weekend I had, but after half a pint I started to feel dizzy, so the rest of the ice-cold glass was left untouched.


Zushi Ana

The fresh Hokkaido King Crab Hot Pot looked pretty and smelled awesome in a pot, though for HK$288 I would expected more crab meat and less vege. The soup, while good, was nary enough for two full bowls.

Zushi Ana

The regular assorted sushi was as good as normal sushi go, though the sweet egg roll and grilled yellow fun deserve special mention.

Zushi Ana

Grilled Baby Sardine Chips were surprising small compared to what we thought it will be from the menu picture. Six slices of “chips” made from baby sardine were deep fried and served with mayonnaise. Everything tastes better with mayonnaise, right? But the crackers were fragrant and crispy and made a nice stater to the meal… if only it didn’t come last.


The restaurant was busy for the night. While service was adequate and food were served promptly, there wasn’t a nuance of friendliness and that touch of Japanese hospitality felt during the two hours we spent at Zushi Ana. We didn’t feel the pressure the vacate our table, though there was a steady stream of new customers as the movie after movie ended at the cinemas nearby.

Verdict? The environment and variety of food were great, though the food and service themselves have rooms for improvement. Perhaps your dollar can bring you more value elsewhere.

Zushi Ana
Shop 1202, Time Square,
Causeway Bay
Tel: +852 2506 1232

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