The One With Vietnam Choi – Simple Fare At Causeway Bay

A stone throw away from the ever busy Ichiran Ramen store along Jaffe Road at Causeway Bay, I found a calm heaven of simple, affordable food. Like its namesake, Vietnam Choi boasts an extensive menu of all kind Vietnamese dishes executed in no fuss, no frill manner.

Which was exactly what I needed after dumping a small fortune on some new suits at a tailor nearby.

Vietnam Choi

“Pho Tau Bay” in noodle soup was a mixture of beef balls, tender meat and intestine in a bowl of delicious, rich broth with some of the silkiest flat rice noodles I have ever tasted. There was a certain depth to the broth which I enjoyed, and the beef was a delight to go with some sliced bird eye chilli offered by the enthusiastic owner.

Vietnam Choi

Spicy and sour chicken claw was served piled high with sliced onions, clear sour sauce and even more sliced chilli. We were warned that this might be a little fiery but I found it perfectly acceptable. Some might find chicken claws to be quite an acquired taste, but I rejoiced at its simplicity.

Vietnam Choi

Roasted beef with netted noodle and salad was quite a complicated dish to enjoy. We were told to soak the netted noodle in the accompanying sweet and sour fish sauce, instead of dipping the wrapped beef in lettuce to avoid dripping. To my dismay it was still a mess to eat. The beef was a tad too dry, and dipping it in the sauce didn’t really helped.

Vietnam Choi

Verdict? Yet another Vietnamese joint to add to my growing list of affordable meals around Causeway Bay. Total damage for two person was some $200, excluding drinks.

Vietnam Choi
440 Jaffe Road,
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2893 6631

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