The One With TREE Café – Chill Out Spot At Horizon Plaza

Horizon Plaza is a secluded shopping mall famous in Hong Kong for its floor after floor of designer outlets. Located at Ap Lei Chau, which could be quite a challenge to get to if you are not familiar, the mall is home to many famous brands, such as Joyce, Lane Crawford and Hugo Boss. I have heard of much of this place, but didn’t have a chance to visit until new year day, when we visited on a whim to shop for furniture.

If you are the type who gets claustrophobia from too much shopping, perhaps avoiding Horizon Plaza would be a good idea. I was stunned to see the twenty eight floors of shopping, which make the printed directory an indispensable tool as you navigate up and down the building. It was easy to see how people can spend hours here – it was the drop dead discount – and certainly, it would be a good idea to have a couple of decent food places for much needed rest as you give your credit card a rest?

Unfortunately, food isn’t big on the agenda for those whom took the meandering journey to Horizon Plaza, and that’s why when we discovered the Tree Cafe, it was like a God-sent.

TREE café

Tree Cafe is an extension of the designer furniture brand, Tree. You would guessed it – the entire store and cafe was created in a rustic, country-living style, with much homage to environment consciousness and saving-the-planet message. I remember loving brown color as a teenager, but for the adult me, this was close becoming a mild case of wood overdose.

(Side note: It was another eye opener to browse around items in a designer furniture store. $2K+ for a food tray? $600+ for a laundry basket? A life of luxury is probably something only to yearn for, but far too impractical for the low-maintenance me).

TREE café

So we took in Tree Cafe to rest our aching feet and non-existent shopping. Tree Cafe was located at the top of building of a warehouse building, so high ceiling and empty space was abundance. It also command a wonderful view to the surrounding from its 28th floor.

And so we ordered.

TREE café

The sandwich has thick buns, and so by itself it was a very satisfying and filling meal. The rich taste of avocado and mayonnaise with a generous sprinkle of pepper made this a scrumptious combination, though the roast chicken was a tad cold.

TREE café

The pesto salad, unfortunately, was way too cold. It was too oily and lack the fragrant pesto smell. The whole thing was saved slightly with the fresh roasted peppers, which helped to add it its fiery flavour.

Verdict? Food is not a priority to those shoppers at Horizon Plaza, so look at Tree Cafe to feed your hunger, not your senses.

28F Horizon Plaza
2 Lee Wing St
Ap Lei Chau
Tel: +852 2870 1582/83

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