The One With Flint Grill & Bar – Chic Ambiance Meet Gorgeous Food

I am no stranger to invited tasting sessions. In a city like Hong Kong, where food is almost a religion and new restaurants seem to pop up every other day, even the most enthusiastic food blogger may find himself somewhat jaded, perhaps even skeptical of good food.

Which was why Flint Bar & Grill came as a breathe of refreshing air, stirring up the local dining scene.

Flint Grill & Bar

What caught my eyes right from the start wasn’t the food, nor the restaurant itself (more of those later). It was the resident star mixologist, a talented and charming dude by the name of Bryson Rivera. While waiting for everyone arrived we had the privilege of witnessing, upclose this award-winning bartender conjuring some of his most famous concoctions.

Flint Grill & Bar

This beautiful glass of cocktail was elegantly named as “Distinguished Patron“, which was sweet with just a hint of a bite. It was a clever use of Tanqueray No.10 gin, fresh raspberries, homemade thyme syrup, and egg white. If you like to try to do this at home, Bryson even offered the recipe, but I doubt you’ll be able to recreate the real thing.

Flint Grill & Bar

Probably the most elaborate and theatrical of all cocktail mixing I have ever seen has got to be the creation of this “Feint Obscurity“, a creative concoction involving Angostura mist, sugar cube, raisins and Ron Zacapa 23 years. The infusion of smoked cinnamon wood chips into the drink drew many gasps of wonder from my fellow diners, and it wasn’t all show either. Neither was there anything “obscure” about this drink – it was decidedly matured, with a strong smokey aftertaste that would delight many rum lovers.

We spent a good hour lingering around the cocktail bar, which also means by the time we walked into the restaurant, I was kinda tipsy.

Flint Grill & Bar

In a good way of course. As the delicious cocktail sang happily on their way up to my brain, I couldn’t help to notice the beautiful interior of Flint. Unlike some of the restaurants opened in recent weeks, Flint was not short of space. The industrial chic design worked well with the adequately spaced tables, providing a degree of privacy between diners that I could certainly appreciate. The backdrops of exposed bricks, dark steel and endless mirrors brought about an edgy yet homey vibe.

Flint Grill & Bar

And now to the food. The open kitchen effectively bring food lovers closer to the action of the kitchen crew, headed by Head Chef, Sven Wunram (pictured, on the right). Throughout the night, we were served eighteen – as in 18 – dishes in total. I could describe them one by one, but that wouldn’t really help the average diner looking for a good meal at Flint. So I’d recommend – in my humble opinion – some of the best dishes of the night.

Flint Grill & Bar

The tomato salad with Maytag blue cheese was clearly the winner of the night. Yes, it was a starter, but till today I still remember vividly the aromatic and incredibly fragrant blue cheese dressing. It might be an acquired taste to some, but when paired with one frozen half of a tomato, the delightful contrast in texture might just take away your reservation about blue cheese. I happily devoured mine and would have taken a second helping with no hesitation.

Diet? What diet?

Flint Grill & Bar

The house-cured salmon (yes, I know, yet another starter) were so sweet, it’s almost sashimi like. The accompanying mustard dressing was surprisingly sweet too, which went rather well with the salmon, especially when served on top of the very crispy flax seed toast.

Flint Grill & Bar

The seafood lover in me gushed endlessly with this gorgeous plate of Boston lobster, baked Thermidor style. The mixture of cooked lobster meat and egg yolks was seriously wow-worthy and creamy, with a slight bite of cognac. Or was it brandy? Well, nobody knows for sure since we devoured the beautiful stuffing in mere seconds. It was a definite calorie-bomb, but one I had no regret taking the hit.

And yes, this IS a starter.

Flint Grill & Bar

For dessert, my vote goes to the baked Alaska with meringue, mango custard and raspberry sorbet. The meringue was baked just to the right degree of crunchiness while keeping the sorbet refreshingly cold inside. I might not be a major dessert aficionado but even I could detect the delightful contrast of texture of this beautifully crafted plate of dessert food.

Verdict? It wasn’t hard to imagine how this place might grew to be the new favourite haunt, yours truly included. Now you have my recommendations for starter (okay, there are two of them), a main and a dessert, you have no reason not to visit.

Note: This was an invited tasting session.

Flint Bar & Grill
Level 5, JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong
Pacific Place
88 Queensway, Admiralty
Hong Kong.
Tel: (852) 2810 8366

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