The One With This Man & His Bags – An Almost Fashionable Story

I am not known for my bags. Shoes maybe, but even so, my days as the Prince of Shoes were long over since my shoe cupboard overflowed and I had to throw away the nice boxes and start lining up my shoes on the floor.

But bags… for me, bags are a different story. I view them mainly from a utility stand point. Is it practical? Can I carry it to work? To play? Will it last for overlong travel? Can I bring it up to a mountain?

My considerations were practical, and that’s because I am a man.

But recently I came to discover another wardrobe problem – I am running out of place to store my bags. The usual spots were stacked up waist high. It was only when I was trying to store my latest purchase to the collection that a strange, new thought crossed my mind….

… do I have too many bags?

I started to leaf through my bags, and a flood of memory started to come back. Like I said, I don’t “shop” for bag, but when I see a nice bag, usually I will buy them. This could happen anytime, anywhere, online or off, so each bag come with a story.

So let me try to inject a little sense of style to this blog by introducing to you my five favorite bags as of this morning. (If you ask me again this afternoon, I would probably change my mind. And just because I am a man doesn’t mean I can’t flounder like a woman.)

MOCA Taipei Sling Bag

MOCA Taipei sling bag, bought earlier this year from (of course) MOCA Taipei. I was so happy with my visit to the museum that I had to buy something back for myself. This bag is practical and aptly sized for a quick visit to the nearby with my iPad and books for a leisure weekend brunch over beer.

Cambridge Satchel Bag

Cambridge Satchel Bag, my pride and joy and probably the least used of all my bags. Getting this handmade leather made bag with custom emboss require a 6-month coordination with my friend in London. I first saw the bag on the ever fabulous JJ Acuna and have been hankering after one ever since. But I was warned that Cambridge Satchel is notoriously slow with international order, so my best bet is to get someone in London to order for me, and then ship it to me to Hong Kong. The entire wait was six month long, but was totally worth it though I came to realise the bag is not practical for work, nor for a weekend out, nor for a check-in bag for flights. But God look at how pretty it is!

COACH Sling Bag

COACH sling bag, yet to be used and sent with love all the way from the States, courtesy of mommy dearest because I turned 34 recently and so it’s time for my wardrobe to up a notch, brand wise. It was truly a day of bewilderment for me to open a package that was filled with COACH stuff – a bag, a belt, a bottle of perfume and a pair of shoes. All from the same brand. I am sure no man has yet to dress himself head to toe with COACH so I might just be making history… had I not been a fashion coward.

Chuck & Bo Bag

Chuck & Bo two-toned backpack. At its price it was surprisingly well made, with a sense of style that I could be hard pressed to find elsewhere. I have yet to use this impulse order from Zalora Hong Kong, but I can already see myself carrying it for my famous island expedition. You know, to Cheung Chau and the like.

Pedro Backpack

And finally, my Pedro backpack. I had always loved Pedro products but unfortunately it is only available in Singapore. So whenever I go back (usually during my birthday month) I will go slightly berserk in Pedro shops, usually with shoes. But when I saw this stylish backpack I knew I just had to get it. The inner configurations were just right for my endless folders and Macbook, plus the backstraps were appropriately adjusted so that it won’t crease my working clothes too much.

I had to admit, now that I have reach the end of my post I didn’t realise I could write so much about my bags. Maybe I am a fashion blogger in denial? That mere thought (me, a fashion blogger) got me chuckling in incredulity.

Hell will freeze over when I actually consider myself to be worthy part of the ever fabulous #hkfashionbloggers group. Check out their sites and you’ll know why I will never be one.

The One With This Man & His Bags - An Almost Fashionable Story by


  1. Ted says:

    Well at least you know wht kind of bag are you an now i’m so confused what kind of bag i am :'(

  2. Razlan says:

    Well, I go for a different bag for different occasion. Variety is key ;)

  3. Chris G says:

    “Can I bring it up to a mountain?”

    I can help you with that. You know that. Right?

  4. Razlan says:

    Carrying up my bags up a mountain? That’s a donkey’s job, but you’ll do just fine too, Chris.

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