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There’s something terribly satisfying about making your own bread. Especially when you are overworked, stressed and those hours on the treadmills just won’t cut it anymore.

The Mixing Bowl HK

So one weekend afternoon I found myself at The Mixing Bowl HK, a cozy apartment slash baking studio for an afternoon of bread-baking and merry-making. Friendly duo Victor and Kyle certainly turned on their charm as a table of strangers (there were four of us) try their hands to, literally speaking, raise the bread.

The Mixing Bowl HK

Let it be said that I am no baker, and I had never touched a dough in my life, so I was in for a hair-raising afternoon with my fellow newbie bakers (I certainly got a lot of mileage out of hyphenated-phrases tonight). The thought of me being able to bake a loaf of edible something was quite laughable. I had no clue whatsoever on what to do, nor what to expect, so had it not been for the meticulous instructions and hand-holding from Kyle and Victor, my so-called “easy baking” wouldn’t have been, well, easy.

The Mixing Bowl HK

First thought: Do you have any idea how much work it involved just to bake something? For our class of the day, Kyle introduced us to the art and science of making a simple white loaf, olive bread stick, and cholla plaited bread. And so we did. We measured, sprinkled, weighed, massaged, kneaded, twisted and rolled our various ingredients, which included things like eggs, yeast, sugar, flour, milk and oil.

The Mixing Bowl HK

Bit by bit, Kyle and Victor brought us through the process. I learned that, given enough time and flour, I could really give my arms and shoulders a great workout. And that even though the process itself felt somewhat medieval (read: too simple to be true), it worked. Like magic.

The Mixing Bowl HK

My (slightly misshapen) loaf of bread rose in its bread tin, just like they said it should. My plaited breads were beautifully imperfect, each a tribute to my thoughts and concentration as I twisted and pulled each thread of dough.

And the taste? Heavenly. I know my first attempt at bread-making were far from being bakery-ready, but with each bite I felt the labour of love and faith that me, the non-baker, can make bread.

And that magical afternoon wouldn’t be as magical had it not been for the good folks of The Mixing Bowl HK. Kyle and Victor were the perfect mentors, and I strongly recommend that if you had been harbouring thoughts of baking, their variety of classes would be the perfect place to start.

You get to bring home everything you made. Now you really can have your own cake bread, and eat them.

Note: This was an invited baking session.

The Mixing Bowl HK
Flat 137, 5/F, Kai Wah Building,
No. 135-137, Wing Lok Street
Sheung Wan
Victor’s Mobile: +852 9149 9621

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