The One With The Great Kebab Factory – Posh & Sizzling Indian Fare

I had always wanted to try The Great Kebab Factory, ever after reading Dim Sum Diaries’ review on the Indian restaurant located right in the smack of Lan Kwai Fong. So when I saw a Groupon deal for a somewhat like a kebab tasting menu, I knew it was too much of an irresistible deal for me. Located at the 19th floor of Wellington Place, locating the restaurant was easy, but I wasn’t ready for what was in store for me.

The Great Indian Kebab Factory

Despite its name, the restaurant is far from being a “factory”. As I stepped out of the lift and walked into the restaurant, I was awed by how posh everything looked. The warm lighting, clever use of multicoloured lamps, velveted furniture and deep dark wood created an atmosphere both cosy yet stylish.

The Great Indian Kebab Factory

What’s more, we were seated by the window which had a great view over the entire Lan Kwai Fong. I was convinced I was in for a night of great food, so to start off the evening (while waiting for the other three friends to arrive), I ordered this Indian beer interestingly named “Cobra“. I was briefly tempted by the waitress’s offer of the Kingfisher – apparently it’s new and not on the menu yet – but it was adventure that I was seeking for. So Cobra it was, served almost ice cold in a bottle. I wish I could sing praises to the beer, but let’s just say I could have might as well stayed with the bottled Heineken. And that’s really isn’t saying much about the Cobra beer.

The Great Indian Kebab Factory

So when the rest arrived, we started with the dinner proper! Leading the way was “factory salad“, which was truly a miserly serving of two pieces of cucumber, two pieces of watermelon, two pieces of pineapple and two pieces of tomatoes. If that sounded like bean-counting, I am sorry but it’s true. I love pineapples and actually asked for more of it while the waitress was serving it; either she couldn’t understand English (which I think was the case), or they were under strict instructions that Groupon customers are worth two pieces of each apiece. The strawberry mustard dressing that supposed to go along with the salad tasted weird, but probably I was feeling sour about the salad.

And then things get even more sour… but this time for a very good reason.

The Great Indian Kebab Factory

These chilled tubes of classic, mango and strawberry lassi were the bomb, and totally made up for the major disappointment that was the salad when it comes to the starters department. The lassi was refreshing and delicious, and was just too cute served in test tubes like this.

And right after that it was and endless stream of kebab galore. Each small portion goes with a specific sauce, but since I never listed to the damn waitress I just mix and match as I wished. I never knew there were so many different type of kebabs until that night… then again it must be silly of me to think of kebabs as merely post-clubbing food (they great for minimising hangover, trust me) but an entire Indian food “category” by itself. We devoured each piece with much enthusiasm and grunted in pleasure throughout. It was through-the-roof good, but it was good enough to worth the value of the deal we had that night.

The Great Indian Kebab Factory

Bikaneri Tikki (mixed vegetables patties grinded with lentils, dry buts and golden raisins), Macchi Rampuri (deep fried Vietnamese sole marinated with dried coriander) and Murgh Reshami Seekh Kebab (lightly spiced chicken skewers mixed with cheese and cashew nuts, grilled over live fire)

The Great Indian Kebab Factory

Tandoor Boti Kebab Lamb (marinated with raw spices and red wine, cooked over live fire) and Punjabi Paneer Tikka (traditional Indian cottage cheese spiced with carom seeds, chargrilled)

However the best part of the dinner has got to be these:

The Great Indian Kebab Factory

The endless butter chicken, dal factory and vegetable biriyani, served with a range of breads; we had the original, garlic and cheese naan. The butter chicken could be too rich after your fourth serving, but I could go on and on with the dal… if only my stomach wasn’t fit to burst by that point of time.

The Great Indian Kebab Factory

The end of the meal, however, was yet a disappointment too bizarre to be properly described. We were served Sewian Ka Muzzaffar – vermicelli with cardamom and dry nuts, cooked on dum – which was strangely tasteless, and a scoop of melting dark chocolate that was more bitter than sweet. The combination certainly didn’t put a sweet ending to our dinner.

By the time we were ready to leave, the restaurant was packed with mostly Indians, so I am convinced that the start and end of our meal were exceptions to the norm. The main dishes were truly good and I am quite sure we would have a better experience by going ala carte here.

Certainly worth a return visit when I fancy some posh Indian fare.

The Great Indian Kebab Factory
19/F, Wellington Place – M88
2-8 Wellington Street, Central
Tel: 2810 7000

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