The One With Paisano’s Pizzeria – The Magic Is In The Beer

Yes, I know the weather in Hong Kong has been maddening lately. One moment it was a fine morning with a little breeze, tempting you to wear that nice jacket just for one more day. Another hour later you will cowering under a too-small umbrella, rain poring like it’s the end of the world, and still not a cab in sight.

Yes, I know the feeling. I have been there, done that, and I was stretched this close to a breaking point one evening when all I wanted – really – was to sit down, chill, and have uncomplicated food.

Shakley's Pizza

Any place that serves ice-cold beer on the tap in frozen glass in this summer humidity has got my vote. Shakley’s pizza and pasta might have left much to be desired, but I was too busy savouring that magical pint to really care.

Shakley's Pizza

Plus, if the sub-standard food (pizza way too thick and dry, pasta was all strach) and rather obnoxious service bothered you that much, you can just don’t finish it and walk out.

Shakley's Pizza

All I remembered was that pint of beer, and good conversation. Sometimes that’s all a man need, really.

Paisano’s Pizzeria
23 Hollywood Road
Telephone: 2544-4445
Sun-Thur 11:00am – 11:00pm
Fr-Sat 11:00am 3:00am

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