The One With Symphony Surabaya

For the past couple of days I have been way too preoccupied with work to even think about my upcoming trip Surabaya. During those rare minutes between office and home when my brain was free to disengage itself from normal operation, the only thought I had (on loop, I might add) was…

… what should I name my blog posts?

A definite blogger job hazard if there’s one. But hey at least I got an answer. Hence Symphony Surabaya.


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It would be too much detail for me to go into why I am heading to Indonesia for Chinese New Year. If you know me as well as I think some of you do, a holiday in the tropics leaving behind a winter in Hong Kong (okay, in reality that’s all relative) would be entirely out of character for me.

Give me cold, chilly holiday. Snow? Oh yes please!

I told myself 2013 is going to be different, and so this trip would be one of the few differences I hope to make. And what a difference this would be. For one, I have not planned anything for the trip, save for buying the plane ticket one drunken new year’s eve. I had no idea where I am staying (until last night), there’s no list of must-eats on my iPhone (yes, we foodies have them) and when people ask me, what do you do in Surabaya? I give them the standard response, well, some monuments if you must, and I heard gado-gado is heavenly…

Now here I am, hours away from getting to the airport, and I am nervous. Can you believe it? So I fired up Google and made a list of sites I might refer to if needed be (I don’t even have a Lonely Planet for Indonesia, for God’s Sake) when I am in Indonesia.
10 things to do in Surabaya, Indonesia
Indonesian Backpakers – 5 Things You Must Do In Surabaya
Surabaya: Things to see and do

For this trip is made with Christian. He has traveled to way more countries than I do, roughed it up the mountains and down the valleys with the best of rugged travelers (and sometimes alone), and being an architect he is meticulous with details and marvelous at planning.

Most importantly he is a dear friend with whom I have been wanting to travel with for ages and finally – finally! – this is happening. My toes wiggle in excitement as I think of the amount of beer we will consume. I have great hopes for Indonesian food and hey, isn’t the satays there cost next to nothing?

Oh wait, Chris did mention something about seeing the volcanoes. And sunrises. Seriously, I have no idea what I am in for. I better get packing.

And oh yes, before I go – Happy Lunar New Year!

CNY 2013 Gathering

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