The One With Symphony Surabaya, Part 4

For the second half of our trip, we were lucky to have a very efficient and knowledgeable tour guide.

For one, thought we made a mistake with the pickup time, we were still able to make it packing our stuff that very morning and have a somewhat leisurely breakfast while the guide waited patiently at the hotel lobby, perusing the local newspaper like he had all the time in the world.

For second, he had the foresight to make us to make the trip to Madakaripura – one of the more dramatic waterfalls in Java – today instead of tomorrow, since the weather was relatively good (and that we would be probably too tired after our Bromo hike tomorrow).

Symphony Surabaya Day 4

The plan was simple enough – we will leave the hotel to Lava View Lodge where we will be spending the night, and on the way we will make a pitstop at Madakaripura. I had no idea what was in store for me, but the guide told me I would need an umbrella, I had my first red flag.

Surabaya 2013

We were told to have a local guide, so in the spirit of supporting the local economy, we did. The guide was worth all his rupiahs – all one hundred thousands of them. He guided us through the treacherous water, scaling some steep rocks and climbing some walls, all the way exuding a silent confidence that he will safely see us through to the end. The guide must have been half my size, so excuse me for feeling the slightest of jitters under the thunderous water.

Surabaya 2013

And oh God. Some water it was. As I made my way deeper and deeper into the waterfall, I realise why we were asked to rent a huge ass umbrella. I had no shame brandishing my colourful-than-rainbow brolly – it probably saved my life. The water seem to rain down incessantly from above, but not in an unpleasant way. I remember grinning like a mad man as I dared my unwilling feet to take me right below the mouth of Madakaripura waterfall.

Symphony Surabaya Day 4

And we did. I was awed by what I seen – the lush greens all around us, the refreshing shower of water, and the shrieks of laughter from fellow travelers. It was totally worth the one-and-a-half hour trek in and out from the innermost of Madakaripura. According to our guide, it was a definitely a feat. He thought we would take at least three hours.

Hah! I must be more natural at all these nature stuff than I thought ;)

Symphony Surabaya Day 4

After that, it was an almost two hour ride through the village of Tapak Siring, on our way to the hotel at the top of the mountain. It was a thoroughly scenic ride, with gaping valleys and scaling cliffs on both side of our vehicle. It was hard to stay sleepy when you have such majestic sight out of the window.

Symphony Surabaya Day 4

Our accomodation which come as part of the tour package was at Lava View Lodge, one of the better hotels for those seeking for a Bromo sunrise. The room itself is housed in a traditional looking villa, with basic amenities. All I can say was thank God for hot water. It was almost freezing up there, right in the midst of all those swirling fog.

I know. Indonesia! Freezing! How can it be?

Symphony Surabaya Day 4

The best part of staying at Lava View Lodge was the view – but of course! – of the mud plain and active volcanoes, of which we were to scale the next day. All I can say was that it was a good thing the fog was very dense the afternoon we reached and the volcanoes were hidden from view. Otherwise, I would have seen exactly what was in store for me and my resolution (to be a nature boy) might have wavered.

Symphony Surabaya Day 4

Another good thing about staying here is the very large restaurant right in the compound. When we went for the first time in search for some beer (anytime is good for beer), the restaurant was empty. In fact, when we wanted to order, they told us that the kitchen was closing. Our tour guide had to pester the chef to cook some soto ayam for us. I did wonder if we came during the low peak season?

Symphony Surabaya Day 4

Apparently, yes. But even so, most of the people doing the Bromo tour would come directly from the airport hence will only arrive at night, unlike this rugged duo whom had to do a waterfall before coming up here. And on to the food… let’s just say, everything tasted better up here at this attitude. A combination of fatigue, fresh air and holiday mood compelled me to eat more than I should.

Symphony Surabaya Day 4

Then again, there’s never anything stopped me from being a total glutton before, is there? So after a very filling, surprising comfortable but thoroughly unexceptional dinner, we retired to bed in preparation for the hike tomorrow, at which we had to wake up at three in the morning!

So much for being on a holiday…

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