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The One With Symphony Surabaya, Part 5

The eye of the crater was smoking, bellowing smoke serenely into the air with a calm belying the fierce burning lava that was boiling underneath. The cliff of the caldera was steep, smoking sand, its lips at most one metre wide. One misstep will send us tumbling down into its fiery jaw with nothing in our path to offer any chance of salvation.

It was a situation too surreal for words. And here I am thinking I am being dramatic – trust me, I am not.

Symphony Surabaya Day 5

The scene was one Mount Bromo, an active volcano three hours drive from Surabaya which last erupted in 2010. To reach the rim of the caldera, one has to cross a marshland of almost mystic proportion. It was dawn, the sun has just risen, and the entire plain was shrouded with fog. I can’t see more than five metres in front of me, and wherever I look up I saw tall, dark walls looming in the distant.

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