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The One With Symphony Surabaya, Part 2

There was an irritating bee buzzing around my head. I was standing in the middle of some dark caves, with water dripping onto my head. The light from my phone was hopeless trying penetrate the dense darkness. The only thought that I had in mind was…

… what the fuck am I doing here?

Some context, if you please. Chris and I ended up at some caves the Japanese used to hide in during the war (which one, I don’t know, the Indonesians have had way too many wars) as we wanted to get away from the hot spring. Let me tell you know, my readers, that an Indonesian hot spring is very, very different from the one in Taipei.

Symphony Surabaya Day 2

Although the Cangar Hot Spring is located at the top of a mountain which took us some two hours plus to get to, the weather was far from being pleasantly cold. It alternated between acceptably breezy and scathingly hot. The place was packed with locals – nary a foreigner in sight so Chris and I stood out like two sore thumbs – and every men, women and children were crammed into very few pools. Nobody seems to pay heed to the many signs around the place – they smoked and ate away merrily. In the water.

All Chris and I dared to do was to soak our feet into the suspiciously murky-looking water. Ah, the joy of a true Indonesia experience. Not.

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