The One With New Year Day – A Roundup of Roundups

Hi there! Did you have a good new year’s eve celebration? My evening turned out to be very lovely. Unlike previous years, I shunned the rowdy revelers in Taipei and impossible crowd in town. We opted for a small gathering of friends for some good food, plenty of booze and great time.

NYE Gathering

Much have been said about the night that was. We had some home cooked food, all the way perusing some excellent champagnes and some very comforting mulled wine. When the clock strikes midnight, we were at the rooftop in an attempt to witness the fireworks from afar and wasn’t really bothered that we failed spectacularly to do so.

In the confusion that was last night (ehem!), somehow I found myself booked on a trip to Surabaya, the second largest city in Indonesia and the gateway to Mount Bromo. I have been dithering for days about what to for my Chinese New Year’s holiday. It is now all sorted though I am a bit nervous about how rugged and close-to-nature the whole trip will be. I am a city boy at heart, I really am. Chris has no idea what he got himself into asking me to go along on his trip.

It would be my first holiday trip to Indonesia. Working day trips to Batam don’t count.

November 2012 - a set on Flickr 2013-01-01 18-49-49

The first day of the new year is also a great day to do a roundup of roundups from all my foodie friends. To most of us, it has been a great year of eating out and dining round the clock. From the best cuisine we have encountered to most popular restaurant, here is a selection of blog posts from #hkfoodbloggers to end 2012 and welcome 2013:

“My top 20 dishes of 2012” – the fabulous Janice aka e*ting does an impressive round up of the best food in 2012. I am ashamed to say I have not tasted half the stuff she has shortlisted. That’s why she is the uber popular food blogger and I am not. Did I mention before that it took more than two years to realise e*ting is actually eating without the “a”?

“Happy New Year! A time to look back… “ – Gary of g4gary does a roundup on his experiences in the various countries he has traveled to, and some of the best dishes he has tried along the way. I was pleasantly surprised to find Tiong Bahru of Singapore to be on top of his list. I suppose much has changed in the sleepy town since I moved to Hong Kong three years ago. Now I have a (foodie) reason for me to make a trip back to Singapore this year.

“Peanut Butter Indomie Goreng – Happy New Year 2013 “ – Peanut butter? With instant noodle? What? That’s exactly how the bubbly Rita welcomed 2013, in total Mochachocholatarita style. She has always let her food shot do the talking, and if you visit her blog you’ll realise why. Oh, I wish your camera will get well soon, Rita!

“Closing out 2012 with whispers” – Peter didn’t plan to close 2012 with a bang, but just like all well-intentioned plans, that one got busted with even better-intentioned friend’s intervention. This took the form of some delectable Chinese cuisine from Fook Lam Moon, cheeses from Stan Cafe, and chocolate from Jean-Paul Hevin. And yes, I agree with his closing note. Let’s not just wish 2013 be a better year. We will make it so.

“The CRAYEST Dessert Picks of 2012” – That Food Cray close off the year with a selection of the finest ice cream, sorbet, macaroon and the like only a truly dedicated foodie with a discerning sweet tooth could find. A sweet ending, indeed! UPDATE: And now she has followed up her sweet pickings with this amazing list of top savory eats of 2012!

“Top 10 picks of 2012” – The Dim Sum Diaries ate her way through more than 100 restaurants to bring to you her top ten picks of 2012… and now I know why she is able to maintain that killer figure despite all that eating!

“The Best Of You Got Me Blogging 2012” – And of course, there was me, rounding up some of my most popular food and restaurant reviews in 2012. As I trawled through my archive I realised I really had way too much food last year, a fact which I am sure will totally repeat itself this year.

In the past year, I have been toying around with different ways, tactics and routines to continuously update my blog and be the best I could be to live up to things – food, travel and friends – which can get me blogging. I had tried blogging every day, but that got me burned out after a few weeks. I have tried taking a blogging sabbatical to revive my writing mojo, but that only made me realise that to be a good blogger, you need to blog. There’s simply no shortcut about it.

So this year, I will be realistic with my own expectations on how much time and effort I could dedicate to build a useful, entertaining and ultimate satisfying blog. I figured that I will update it twice a week with food and restaurant reviews, probably on Tuesday and Thursday, with a smattering of posts every now and then on other shiny bits of my life. Like travel. And jokes. And movie reviews.

In 2013, I want to find back my true inner voice, which is not all about food and gluttony.

Well, you’ll see soon enough.

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