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The One With Tales of Taipei, Part 2

It was a day of extremes.

In my previous trips to Taipei, I discovered too little of the city’s culture and history. This time round I was eager to make amend.

Taipei Confucius Temple

An early head start to the day saw us at the famous Taipei Confucius Temple… or more accurately, a model of it. The impressive structure built towards the north of the city was, afterall, a replica of the real thing located at Shandong. While the temple carries a certain garish, pretentious vibe with its over-vivid colours and over-the-top displays, I took heart in the simplicity of Confucius’ teachings. Learning about the history of Chinese characters, the musical instruments used in rituals, and the lives of many of the disciples, it’s hard not to take a liking for the old man.

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