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So I found myself at Rabbithole one day. Truth to be told, I am no expert when it comes to coffee and all its derivatives. I neck some caffeine every morning from the usual suspects – Starbucks, Pacific Coffee, and the occasional Barista Jam – but I read Rabbithole is a different kinda of (coffee) animal altogether.

Rabbithole Coffee

One can’t miss the Rabbithole Coffee if they frequent the Mid-Levels escalator. Call it good marketing, call it pure luck, the positioning of the shop right at the eye-level of many escalator riders is certainly intriguing. In fact, that was how I get to know Rabbithole in the first place. Well, that, and this excellent piece by Charmaine.

The menu itself was not for the novice. Luckily the staff was quick enough to realise that my better half and I were hopeless in making sense of all the drips and roasts. The young girl who attended to us painstakingly explained the choices available. After much hmmm-ing and ahhhh-ing, I decided to go for the ice-drip coffee, only to be told all apparatus were fully occupied. Harumph. So much for being adventurous.

Rabbithole Coffee

Well, so we went on to have some coffee. Was the experience worth it? Perhaps you would enjoy Rabbithole way much more if you are a true coffee enthusiast. The novice (and wannabe) in me struggled to understand the finer details of the coffee we were enjoying. But hey, just because I liked my Starbuck Americano better doesn’t mean Rabbithole is no good.

Rabbithole Coffee

Its legion of coffee fans can’t be all wrong. For me, well… I take caffeine in whatever forms they come in. Next up, ice drip coffee (see, I won’t give up!)

Rabbithole Coffee and Roaster
2/F, 26 Cochrane Street
2581 0861
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