The One With Christmas – Joy From Greenland & Thoughts On Friendships

So the postcard finally came. The self-paid mail Christmas order all the way from Greenland.

Merry Christmas from Greenland

It’s nice having mail on Christmas Eve. This card is part of the service of Santa Claus Post Office at Nuuk, Greenland. You pay some EUR7 for a post card, write in your address and leave it behind. The elves of Santa will then post it to you nearer to Christmas so that you get some festive cheer in the post.

Merry Christmas from Greenland

So there was all these han-yu-pinyin writing on the card which I couldn’t make much sense of. It would have been more appropriate for them to write in English, but I guess it is nice of them to try to personalise the card message based on the destination country. Back then, at the post office, I thought it’s quite silly to post myself something for Christmas, but now that I got the card a few months later, I was immensely glad I did. It is a comforting thought, to have a self-made time capsule especially for yourself.

This Christmas I have been very contemplative. For many reasons and others, my thoughts are filled with what happened in the past and what may have happen in the future. I posted them on my Facebook page, and I am rephrasing them (slightly) here:

As one gets older, it becomes harder and harder to make new friends and maintain old ones. Old friends share a past with you but they may not understand your present; new friends understand your present but they will not see your past. As your pool of friends dwindles with age, remember those who have come to past, embrace those who will come to the present and love them all the same. Merry Christmas!

May your real friendships remain steadfast and true. Merry Christmas!

I have been thinking about friendships. What have beens, what have, what might have. While I have been incredibly lucky to be blessed with many beautiful friendships, I have come to discover I might not have the gift to nurture them over time. Then again, who has? Friendships, like promises, are made today so that one day, when it is broken, you will remember the good times and learn from the bad times. The cycle continue to click, and that’s the order of nature.

Merry Christmas, my readers. May the blessing of friendships be yours to enjoy, nurture and cherish.

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