The Best Of You Got Me Blogging 2012

This has been a good year for You Got Me Blogging.

I would have probably eaten way more than I ever planned to – I am now permanently on a diet – but the end result is a good compilation of great places to eat in Hong Kong, and to experience authentic local culture. Being a foodie in Hong Kong has made me less of a glutton, more of a lover and hopefully never a snob to the vast gastronomical delight that this country has to offer.

Hong Kong takes its food seriously. There are people I know whom know way more about the piece of steak they are eating compared to my knowledge of, say, World War One. There were times when we spend more time photographing the food than eating them, when dinner conversation turns from hey-how-was-so-and-so-doing to critique of the morsels we are indulging in.

But for me? Well, I just love the small, individual experiences when it comes to food in Hong Kong. The time when I admire the photography skills of fellow foodies. The time when I was awed by the immense knowledge of a wine connoisseur. The time when I was more distracted by the hot, gorgeous wait staff than the food. The time when I eat myself into the surgery room. The time when I saw, with satisfaction, how my friends from Singapore exclaimed in delight as they devoured their way around Hong Kong.

Oh yes, all these happened.

So, to round up the year that has been 2012, let me present to you the best of You Got Me Blogging when it comes to food reviews and experiences:

1. The One With 8 Reasons Why I Love New Star Hotpot At Mongkok
2. The One With Comilonas – Spanish Private Kitchen
3. The One With Fa Zu Jie – A Shanghainese Adventure With A French Twist
4. The One With Roast Pot – Must-Visit Hotpot / Steamboat Spot in Wan Chai
5. The One With Tung Po – Local Chinese Hawker Experience
6. The One With Kwan Kee Claypot Rice – A Gem Of A Find In Sai Ying Pun
7. The One With 33 Rooms – Japanese Private Kitchen in Taipei
8. The One With Ah Pek Lee Kou Hock – Sitiawan Seafood At Its Very Best
9. The One With Eclectic Spanish Private Kitchen – I Like It Stuffed
10. The One With The Unnamed “Private Kitchen” – Comfort Food, Chinese Style (aka Wah Fung)

These are the reviews with the most traffic in 2012, regardless of when they were written.

Happy new year, my readers. May 2013 be another year of good discoveries and life-changing experiences.

Let’s commit some gluttony.

All photos from my Instagram account.

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