The One With First Impression of Ilulissat

This was it. This was the reason why I worked hard all those months, saved all those money, and traveled these many miles to Greenland.


The iceberg-studded Disko Bay was certainly a sight to behold. It was drizzling when we arrived, but that didn’t dampen our spirits upon seeing the town of Ilulissat and the enchanting Disko Bay. The icebergs were a bit dirtier than expected, but hey, I can’t expect everything to be pristine white, right? These monstrosity of nature were thousands of years in the making, and I am certain it will continue to enthrall me for many years to come.

Inside Air Greenland!

Today was very much spent on the road, getting in and out of town. The flight experience from Nuuk to Ilulissat was very comical. Long story short, we were two of the six passengers onboard on an direct flight into town.

Restaurant at Hotel Icefiord, Ilulissat

After a somewhat uninspiring meal at the restaurant of Hotel Icefiord, where we will be putting up at during the entire time we are in Ilulissat, we are ready to call it a night and be rested for the big adventure tomorrow!

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