The One With Frites Belgium On Tap – Mussels Me Please

It was said that beer is to the Belgians as wine is to the French. If it was true, then Frites Belgium On Tap paid homage to that tradition as good as your favorite French winery. Minus the snobbery.


I could do without the huge declaration of 10% service charge though.

It was weekday night when I visited the branch at Quarry Bay for some beer and good old mussels. Have you heard that I love shell fish of all kinds? No? Now you know.


How dedicated were the Belgians to beer? At Frites, they have a beer bible, and prayers dedicated to beer. Heads were definitely bowing (probably due to pints consumed rather than subjugation) and incantations were shouted rather than murmured, it was a temple for beer worship, alright.


In case you like your beer deities in multiple varieties (as do some religions), here’s a sampler flight for you to throw your head back for. It was certainly an experience to decide which shooter we should down first, to the pleasantly contrasting texture of each beer as we moved, glass by glass, to a state of pleasurable tipsiness.


Of course, a Frite experience would not be complete without its mussels and fries. We had a large pot of Boston Bay blue mussels; one kilo of pure goodness steamed in different broth, served with Frites (geddit?) and mayo.


The Laksa was a delectable concontion of coconut cream and kaffir lime in curry sauce, while the Mariniere was a thumbs-upping mix of white wine, celery, garlic and mixed herbs. But the winner for the night was definitely the Frites House Mussels; diced tomato, garlic, onion, light cream and chives.


Verdict? With multiple branches spread across the island, it is hard to say to no. Beer lovers, say good bye to your pizzas and embrace the mussels.

Frites Belgium On Tap
G/F, Oxford House, Taikoo Place
979 King’s Road, Quarry Bay
2250 5188
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