The One With Societi Bistro & Bar – Mussels Me Not

Societi Bistro & Bar

I had always loved a bistro. The word itself conjures a vivid image of a laid-back cafe with hearty food in large plates, bustling waiters in aprons, and strong, sweet aroma of coffee. Kinda like how Gusto felt like for me; a place where you can turn up in your pyjamas and scrunchies, with a stack of magazines in hand.

Societi Bistro & Bar

Societi charcuterie platter.

Not that I am recommending you to commit those specific fashion blunders… but I digress.

Societi Bistro & Bar

Spanish omelette.

Societi is the latest addition to the recent explosion world of bistros overtaking our island, one hearty dish at a time. The high-ceilinged, cosily decorated ground floor restaurant in Sheung Wan was somewhat a cross between a homely cafe and a semi-posh restaurant.

Societi Bistro & Bar

Grilled sardines.

Did that combination work? I was there for a sneak preview on their second day in operations, and was introduced to its amicable owner, Angela Yeung.

Societi Bistro & Bar

Angela Yeung.

So what makes comfort food comfortable? For me it’s the lack of fancy cutleries, complicated eating etiquette and unnecessary tongue twisters on the menu. I am ambivalent towards posh food at the best of time so the dinner at Societi went down a treat to me.

Societi Bistro & Bar

Sautéed prawns with garlic flakes.

The menu served that night – from charcuterie platter to Crêpes Suzette – was a bewildering mix of food for a bistro, but somehow it worked. Perhaps it was served from the heart, all goods and flaws intact, which make it a joy to devour and a pleasure to forgive.

Societi Bistro & Bar

Caesar salad with kurobuta pork belly.

The portions weren’t huge on their own, but combined it was enough to sink an elephant. Top that up with some champagne, white and red wine pairing, by the end of the night I had to loosen my belt by a notch.

Societi Bistro & Bar


Not that I am complaining, for some dishes were truly outstanding. Highly recommended would be the Caesar salad which was given a Societi twist with slices of kurobuta pork belly, which I was a virgin to. It tasted like some fancy sort of bacon and I loved it. Also commendable are the grilled sardines and Spanish omelette.

Societi Bistro & Bar

Grilled salmon in Pommery mustard vinaigrette

I love shell fish of all kinds and when mussels were served, I was delighted. I took in too many, too fast, before realising the mussels were far from being fresh and one particular morsel actually made me feel queasy. That kinda put me off for a bit for the rest of dinner, but the great company for the night more than made up for it.

Societi Bistro & Bar

Linguini with braised beef.

Societi was set up with its heart at the right place. Such a set up in hippy Sheung Wan will give it an edge, so as long as Angela and her team sort out their teething problem, it wouldn’t be too long in the future their some-20 seating capacity will max out.

Societi Bistro & Bar

Crêpes Suzette.

Verdict? The kurobuta alone is worth a return trip.

(Update: This was an invited tasting session. I forgot to append this note when writing this post)

Societi Bistro & Bar
87-89 Jervois Street
Sheung Wan
2815 9000

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