The One With Reflections At Essaouira – The Wind City Of Morocco

Essaouira - The Wind City Of Morocco

The crystal clear azure sky opened up, as if God was smiling down on us. Palm trees swayed in the light breeze, slightly dampened from the rain earlier that morning. Shrieking sea gulls soared high ahead, calling out to each other across a sleepy souq slowly awakened from its wet slumber.

That was how I remember my first (and only) morning in Essaouira, the wind city of Morocco.

Essaouira - The Wind City Of Morocco

The city stood sentinel on an endless bay of golden beach, making it a photographer’s wet dream. It was onto this beach where the three of us had our first camel ride experience.

Essaouira - The Wind City Of Morocco

Let’s just be upfront about this. There’s nothing comfortable about a camel ride. The saddles certainly need to be much more padded; how these animals have carried human across this sandy beach for thousands of years was certainly beyond me.

But apart from that posterior discomfort, I was awed beyond my wildest dream.

Essaouira - The Wind City Of Morocco

It was a brilliant sunny North African morning. We traveled up and down the sand beach for hours on end, taking in the endless stretch of the beach with the clear blue sky. Here and there I saw patches of water glimmering in the sunlight; flocks of birds dipped in and out of it, hunting.

Seagulls and the sun.

I looked behind me and stared. The white-washed medina with its fishing boats and ancient fort stood in perfect harmony with the hues of nature surrounding it.

Just like they always had for generations of Moroccans who came before them.

Essaouira - The Wind City Of Morocco

It was, needless to say, a postcard-perfect moment. Except for the camel’s bad breath and random poo onto the pristine beach. Oh, the atrocity!

Essaouira - The Wind City Of Morocco

Deep in my heart, I marveled yet again the wonders that the world can hold. I was thousands of miles away from home, immersing myself in a sight I didn’t expect myself to see, and I was… humbled.

That we are but tiny specks in this wide, wide world. And if we are lucky, we might just get to experience part of it. And when we do, be present, be delighted, be brave.

And be humbled. Your journey is far from over.

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