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So you have heard much about Doppio Zero being the next big thing in the local Italian food scene. That their chef-in-residence Jake Addeo adores experimenting with food, combining the best of Italian cooking with a local twist. That they have recently launched a brunch menu, and opens on Sunday to help you cure that mother-of-a-hangover. That despite the excellent food quality and impeccable service, Doppio Zero is still a little known gem.

Ladies and gentlemen, all that you heard is true.

Just lest than a year old, this Italian restaurant is already Michelin-endorsed and can be best described as a trattoria. At night the restaurant goes up the scale, more like a ristorante, with dimmed light and a more romantic menu. But if you decide to drop in on a weekend afternoon, come in your comfortable sandals, favorite magazines in hand.

For the brunch menu is a wonderful collection of original recipes at reasonable prices. Food portion is hearty and particularly comforting if you had a late night out and want uncomplicated but interesting food.

Ready to order? Here are some of my recommendations:

Signature Truffled Fried Oyster

Signature Truffled Fried Oyster

I love deep fried oysters, as much as I love fresh oysters. The problem with deep fried oysters is that you tend to overcoat your morsels with too much batter, making the whole chunk one oily mess. This one was perfectly done, with a sprinkling of black truffle and a bed of creamed spinach (which was finger-licking-good when eaten with toast).

Try not to order two if you are watching your calories!

Whipped Lardo With Toast

Whipped Lardgo & Toast

What’s whipped lardo? If you are squirmish about your fat intake, jump to the next dish. Whipped lardo is simply solid lardo whipped into a creamy consistency. Think pork lard. Meshed, blended, beaten, strained into butter-like texture. Now spread that over toasts. Close your eyes, and devour.

Whipped Lardgo & Toast

Want to taste it better? Take a spoonful. Come on, it won’t kill you, plus didn’t you know lard is the best cure for hangover? Exactly.

Ricotta Gnocchetti

Tagliatelle, Bolognese

Doppio Zero is famed for its pasta, and you will be spoiled for choice with its long list of options, from bolognese to ravioli to carbonara. “Doppio Zero” actually means ’00’ flour, and most of its pasta are freshly made in-house. The various pasta we tried were as varied as our preferences, yet done just right. I don’t know about you, but I like my pasta dressed lightly, like a salad. Not drowning in sauce. The kitchen here did it just right.

Two Slow Poached Duck Eggs

Two Slow Poached Duck Eggs

Poached duck eggs with soft polenta. Not long after this shot was taken, the fearless ladies poked the perfectly cooked yolks into smithereens, and we tucked in. The runny eggs mixed with the polenta to create an interesting tangy texture; creamy yet slightly sweet. Highly recommended.

“Smashed” Meatball Fritatta

"Smashed" Meatball Frittata

Frittata with cheese and milk with four eggs. Need I say more? I am not exactly your common meat lover but this dish went right down a treat.

Chef’s Bloody Maria

Chef's Bloody Maria

What a clever, clever twist to the world most complicated cocktail. This Italian-style bloody Mary was fiery in a good way, and that stick of pickled vegetables? A touch of pure genius.

If your stomach is not bursting at its seam by now, give these interesting fusions a spin as well: Sangria Toscano, GLT, Yin Yang Affogato and HK Style Egg Waffle. The “gai dan jai” was curiously done up with ricotta and, wait for it… nutella!

Hong Kong Style Egg Waffle

The verdict? Doppio Zero lived up to its reputation and certainly deserves more attention. I have recommended no fewer than five friends to visit so far, and I have put them onto my birthday-party-venue shortlist.

This is an invited tasting session.

Doppio Zero
G/F, The Pemberton
22 Bonham Strand
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
2851 0682
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  1. jj says:

    hi……..i really enjoyed the blogger’s brunch @doppio zero together………just wanna check if u’ve received my email (sent 2 u in early may, 2012) abt the egg waffle shop in hung hom

  2. Razlan says:

     Hey JJ! I checked, and yes I got your email! It must been archived accidentally. Thanks for the links. I think I need a food adventure hunting down the best egg waffles in Hong Kong :)

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