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The One With Detour 2011 – “Useless” Arts In Hong Kong

It was by a stroke of luck when I “detoured” into Detour 2011.

DetourHK 2011

I was actually doing a “shop walk” in Soho (hence the tired eyes) when the eye-catching posters and banners caught my eyes. It’s Detour! I heard so much about it, but never realised it was held in Central. Had I known I would have visited earlier.

DetourHK 2011

The exhibition, which serves to highlight the impact of irresponsible consumerism and encourage eco-living (hence the theme “use – less”, get it?), was held at the old police married quarters. The two six-stories buildings with its large courtyard were proven to be an intimidating and exhilarating venue for Detour this year.

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