The One With Ser Wong Fun – Virgin Experience With Snake Soup

I love a foodie night out. The gastronomical possibilities are almost limitless and a dining adventure to the unknown is almost a given. Especially so when you are with the pros like Brad (of Lady Iron Chef), Jason (of Jason Bon Vivant) and Rita (of Mochachocholata-Rita).

It was during our food trail around Central when I paid my first visit to Ser Wong Fun.

Ser Wong Fun, Central

Those in the know will tell you that this restaurant is famous for one thing, and that is snake soup.

Snake Soup at Ser Wong Fun, Central

Oh yes, you heard that right. It’s snake soup. Considered to be a Chinese gourmet dish and a favorite during winter months, a bowl of snake soup at Ser Wong Fun will set you back some $230, which can be comfortably shared among four person.

Snake Soup at Ser Wong Fun, Central

There’s no fear of seeing a pile of live snakes (shudder) slithering around in cages in this restaurant (though I heard such a phenomenon still exist at some places in Kowloon), as snake meats are now processed in China and delivered to Hong Kong. Just like processed meat.

Snake Soup at Ser Wong Fun, Central

So how does it taste like? The soup itself was sweet, with a tang of orange peel and texture similar to shark fin soup. Personally I find snake meat to taste like chicken. The combination is undeniably delicious, though I had to do my very best NOT to think of slithering snakes in cages.

After a few spoonful, I started to feel the heat, for it was told drinking snake soup warms up your body. In any case it was a joy not be feeling cold from snake phobia.

Oh by the way, the hand model was Rita. And here’s a shot of the hand model herself.

Snake Soup at Ser Wong Fun, Central


The restaurant is also famous for its double-boiled soup with Chinese herb, but since we visited so late at night we didn’t get to try them. Instead we ordered this claypot rice with Chinese sausages and chicken.

Ser Wong Fun at Central

At the best of time I avoid eating liver and other innards (that’s about the only type of food I dislike). But the liver sausage here (the darker coloured one) didn’t taste odd as expected; in fact, it was rather flavourful and quite a joy to try. The rice was a little too soft and moist, and I wished there was more crust at the bottom of the pot.

All in all, a delightful experience. One that I could repeat.

Ser Wong Fun
30 Cochrane Street, Central
2543 1032

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