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Comfort food. The term itself made me all fuzzy with contentment. For me, comfort food is something that you can always rely on when you don’t want to decide on what to eat. Even if it is far from perfect, it is familiar and bring a sense of nostalgia… of something close to home.

One of my favorite comfort food spot is Malaymama at Mercer Street in Sheung Wan. Over many visits I have almost tried its entire menu. And since I am a Malaysian, I could authoritatively recommend what is good at this ma-and-pop joint.

Of highest recommendation is this yong tau foo dish. Basically it is a combination of bean curd, silky tofu, stuffed egg plants and the like, swimming in a bowl of soup.

Malaymama @ Sheung Wan

If you are like me and prefer your noodles not to be soggy from the soup, ask it to be separated, i.e. “lo meen”, like this.

Malaymama @ Sheung Wan

Another favourite of mine is the sotong kangkung. Basically, it’s a platter of boiled water spinach (the kangkung) served with cooked cuttle fish slices (the sotong), sweet sauce and crushed peanuts. It can be an acquired taste for some, so you might want to change the sweet sauce into something spicier, like the belacan sauce or peanut sauce.

Malaymama @ Sheung Wan

Other dishes worth mentioning will be its bak kut teh (though I would recommend Yeoh’s instead if this is what you are looking for as the main), laksa (not as spicy as those of home though), chicken hor fun and kaya toast.

A word about the restaurant. It is a tiny space, seating less than 20 people, just like a cramped char chaan teng. There is no ambiance to speak of; instead be prepared to go in, order, eat and go out. It’s simple, direct and fuss-free, and sometimes that’s all you need for a hearty meal at the end of a long, complicated day.

Along the same street is Masala and Singapore’s Katong Laksa. All the best of home along the same street.

You know, I really love living in Sheung Wan.

Malaymama, Mercer Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Shop 11A, Mercer Street, Sheung Wan
2542 4111

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