The One With Eighteen Pieces Of McDonald’s Nuggets

So I heard all about this gigantic value set dinner at McDonald’s, “specially designed” to go with the spectacular cartoon of Kungfu Panda 2. I was intrigued because, at eighteen pieces of nuggets, I couldn’t believe one could finish it single handedly mouthedly in one seating.

I was right.

McDonald's Kungfu Panda Meal

The packaging is cute, but the food stuff was not spectacular. I thought the offering of the four new nugget dips would have been the reason for the whole value meal.

McDonald's Kungfu Panda Meal

There were cheese, sesame, honey mustard and garlic chilli sauces. Opening the lids was one bitch of a battering to your fingers. We took almost ten minutes just to peel the lids off.

Not all of us have the strength of Bo the kungfu panda, you know.

McDonald's Kungfu Panda Meal

I thought the sesame one is good, and so was the cheese one (though I have to say, it tasted weird with nuggets, and that’s ironic).

McDonald's Kungfu Panda Meal

And the nuggets? Standard McDonald’s fare (which is to say, good as usual), but at eighteen pieces, you will need the tummy and appetite of Bo the kungfu panda.

It helped that I had the other Bo with me that night.

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