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The One With Loud Festival Hong Kong 2011 & The Superstar Power That Was Jay Chou

It was feast for the senses.

I must be the last person you would expect to attend a rock concert. Next to my mother, I am the most pop culture ignorant you could find. I can tell the difference between Kenny Rogers and Frank Sinatra, but not of Kei$ha (huh?) and Bieber (huh?!). The whole experience was even more ironic since it was a Chinese rock concert.

But a free ticket is a free ticket. When I was asked to attend the Loud Festival Hong Kong 2011 at the Asia World Expo on a Saturday night, to be seated at prime seats (read: the most expensive ticket on sale), it took me only a minute to say yes.

Loud Festival Hong Kong 2011

See, I wasn’t even dress appropriately! But that didn’t stop me from appreciating in awe some of the best acts from the Chinese music industry.

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