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The One With Home Feel Restaurant – Home-Styled Cooking At Its Best

Home Feel Restaurant, or more commonly known as “Juu Gaa Choy” (住家菜) gotta be my defacto restaurant to go to whenever I have out-of-town visitors. For one, it easily represents some of the best Chinese food in Hong Kong, in a Hong Kong styled restaurant (read: cramped, loud, but thankfully still clean), conveniently located at Causeway Bay.

I have been bringing my visitors to Home Feel for so many times that it didn’t occur to me I have never reviewed the food here. So one fine night I brought my better half along to sample some of my favourite dishes… well, as much as two person can devour in one night!

Daily Soup (Lei Tong) (HK$45)

Dinner at Home Feel Restaurant (住家菜), Causeway Bay

It is quite customary to begin a Chinese meal with soup. Daily soup at Home Feel varies from day to day, but to my experience is consistently of good quality. The soup is always refreshing, taste fresh and feels nourishing, as there was no MSG used, unlike many other Chinese restaurant. On the night visited, it was a mix of pork rib, white fungus and white carrot. Heavenly… a large pot can easily serve four, but my better half and I finished the entire pot, spoonful by spoonful throughout dinner.

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