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The One With Shake ‘Em Buns – Great Burgers, Deplorable Service

When one thinks of burgers, the usual suspects come to mind. Burger King and McDonald’s took the lead of my very short list; even though burgers served at the commonplace char chan teng is usually pretty decent, I was always intrigued by unfamiliar sounding burger joints. Perhaps I was hungry for a truly American experience.

Enter the Groupon experience for a more-than-half-price burger deals at Shake ‘Em Buns, located along Wellington Street at Central.

Shake 'Em Buns

Let me get started with the food, ‘coz that’s easily the best – and only good – thing about this place.

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The One With My 10,000th Tweet

And so it happened, my 10,000th tweet.


I have tried to find out what my very first tweet but to no avail. Ah well. Perhaps some tweets are meant to be buried in the past.

Twitter, in many ways, have changed the way I read and consume news (useful or otherwise) and to engage with friends. It was through Twitter I was reminded of the Hungry Ghost Festival, and that senseless riots are sweeping across UK.

In many ways, I can’t imagine my digital life without Twitter. So cheers to me, for yet another milestone on my social media journey!