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The One With Captain America

I’ll not pretend that I am a fan of comic, especially not the Marvel. While my childhood friends starve themselves silly to save up their miserable stipends for shiny, glossy comic books, I was more contend with a full stomach and a hearty (read: thicker than average) library book.

So when my better half treated me to watch Captain America, I went with an open mind.

Captain America

At this point I bet you think I would say Captain America blown my mind (my style of writing is, if nothing else, a tad predictable). Only it did not, but it doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the show. Who doesn’t enjoy a from-zero-to-hero tale of a Brooklyn boy whom, by a stroke of scientific genius, turned from a scrawny boy with a big heart to a shield-wielding super hero, still with the same big heart, only now with bigger muscles?

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