The One With Childhood Food Memories At Fusan

My childhood days were spent in a small town some ten kilometres away from Ipoh. The place is famous for its (smallish) hill, one of the few in the cities, and the origin of the famous Malaysian peanuts.

Yes, I grew up in Menglembu, and I am proud of it. Menglembu, if literally translated from Malay to English, means “to cow”.

Apart from the occasional cows blocking traffic around the town and the grazing herds crowding out playgrounds, there were not that many cows in Menglembu, to be honest.

But hey I got distracted again. I wanted to talk about one of the places here that I remember the most. During my growing up years, breakfast is an important affair, and a fair part of it during my growing up years were spent at this restaurant called “Fusan” located directly across my house.

The food is nothing special, typical of Malaysian hawkers. But a recent visit made when I got home again last month brought back truckload of memories. Some of the original hawkers were still there! I mean, these folks toil day and night serving the same dish since I was six. That’s like more than twenty years ago.

Some things never change. Like my preferred food from Fusan.

Claypot noodle. The price might have doubled over the years, but the portion didn’t. I used to order a double portion of the noodle, plus another egg and more meat.

Breakfast at Foo San

In Singapore, this is called “yong tow foo”. But in Ipoh… there is no real name, actually. Just noodles (I like the yellow noodle, dry with black soya cause) and some “liu” like fried beancurd skins, stuffed vegetables etc.

Breakfast at Foo San

The said “liu”. I loved these stuff, hence the amount ordered.

Breakfast at Foo San

Roti canai with egg. That’s Indian “pancake” cooked with oil and egg. Dipped in curry for that delicious finish. I used to devour three of this at one go, but for this meal I resisted at just one. Okay, one and a half.

Breakfast at Foo San

It is little wonder that I was that big when I was younger.



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