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The One With Fifteen Tower Tauge Chicken – The REAL Ipoh Hor Fun

Whenever I told someone that I was from Ipoh, all they can think of is food. Hardly surprising; by the look of yours truly they would assume that Ipoh is a town of well rounded folks.

But of course. Right at the top of the list would be the famous Ipoh hor fun; a specialty of Ipoh which include flat white noodle in soup and chicken.

(P.S.: I have tried countless Ipoh hor fun at other places but nothing even come close to the original thing).

So during the recent trip home, some indulging was in order. Fifteen Tower Tauge Chicken (tauge means bean sprouts) was the choice of the day. Here are some food porn to get you salivating today.

Fifteen Tower stall has few chickens and even fewer tables, so come early to stake your claim or risk walking away hungry.

Chicken Hor Fun @ Fifteen Tower

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