The One With Slowing Down In Life

It has been some time since I last blogged.

A few days of absence in the blogosphere seem terribly long, especially for someone who has been posting everyday. Since returning from my trip from Europe (which in itself was a total saga befitting its own series of posts), as expected I was hit by despicable jet lag and time spent resolving issues raised from the said saga.

Yet in the flurry of paperwork, emails, bureaucracy and red packets, I came to realised a stark comparison between life in Hong Kong and Europe.

In particular on how I live my life.

Having a pint of beer near Sintra train station.

I love to read on the go. I always have a book with me anytime, anywhere; on the train commute to work, while having dinner, while being on holiday. It was so much of a habit that I didn’t question why I was doing it in the first place.

Over my holidays in Europe, I also carried a book on me all the time. But I realised that, in over three weeks, I could hardly finish one book. T

That would have come across as strange, considering that I have plenty of time in between attractions and meals to fill in. If I could read so much in hectic Hong Kong, why would I read less in laid back Sintra?

Then it hit me. The pace of life in Europe was definitely slower. I saw more, I listened more, I smelled more. I cherished things more. I realised I was busy enjoying what I was seeing to actually need a book.

In Hong Kong, I often lose myself into the written words. I realise I do it when life is sweeping me by; crowded trains, busy cafes, noisy hairdressers.

It appears that books saved me from being too hassled by the frantic city I am living in.

Could it be true? Could I be hiding behind books in fear of being swept away by the relentless bullet train of my life in Hong Kong?

The One With Slowing Down In Life by


  1. Paul says:

    Different ways of adjusting in very different cities! :)

  2. Razlan says:

    @ Paul – Oh just realising there are different ways to live your life despite being in the same city!

  3. Veron says:

    Hey Razlan, you have compared the pace in life between Europe and Hong Kong. How about Singapore? I am so curious!

  4. Razlan says:

    @ Veron – That is a difficult question to answer, because I love both Singapore and Hong Kong but in different ways. Simply out, Singapore is the place for you for stability, security and contentment when everything else in your life is in chaos, but Hong Kong offers you opportunities, adventures and spontaneity. I had Singapore, and it’s time to enjoy Hong Kong.

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