The One With A Revisit To Yung Kee Restaurant At Central

After a disastrous first attempt at Yung Kee some time back, I was understandably hesitant about visiting again. One can hardly make a full dinner out of century eggs and sliced gingers, delicious as they were.

But since it was late at night and it was a treat (thanks, Wayne), I went ahead and was in for a surprise.

Yung Kee Revisited

Knowing that the century eggs will be exceptional, I ordered an extra portion right away. It was heavenly as expected. I think I gorged on three of this beauty.

Yung Kee Revisited

Here was the surprise. We went for the smaller bowls of noodles in soup (about HK$50-ish), and they were great. My bowl of beef brisket noodle was easily the best I had in Hong Kong, and god knows I love my beef brisket. Usually I liked my soup base to be very strong in herbal flavour. This wasn’t but it still managed to impress.

Yung Kee Revisited

My friend had the roast goose noodle soup. My previous experience with its goose was foul (hah) and so I did advice him against it. But it was proven to be unfounded; I stole a piece of that tantalising-looking meat and it was good! Not orgasmically good but enough for me to think that the roast goose of Yung Kee has reasons to be so famous.

It was good enough for my friend to order two big packs of roast goose legs rice for his friends (though the price was a tad too much even for me, at HK$90-ish).

Yung Kee Revisited

We even ordered a plate of fried calamari in spicy salt. It wasn’t as good as the ones I had in Lamma, but it rounds of the meal nicely.

The conclusion? Go for the cheaper stuff. Being expensive doesn’t always mean the food will be better.

Yung Kee Restaurant (鏞記酒家)
32-40 Wellington Street, Central
2522 1624

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