The One With The Beginning of Europe 2011

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By the time you read this post, I would be halfway across the way, on my way towards London.

It is the beginning of a journey of a lifetime… but then again I said the same thing of all my travels. With seven cities across the span of a mere nineteen days, I would be dishonest if I say I am not a tad wary. But hey the best memories are made by venturing into the unknowns, so who knows?

Fez, 20 Jan ~ 23 Jan
Essaouira, 23 Jan ~ 24 Jan
Marrakech, 24 Jan ~ 27 Jan
Madrid, 27 Jan ~ 28 Jan
Barcelona, 28 Jan ~ 31 Jan
Lisbon, 31 Jan ~ 3 Feb
London, 3 Feb ~ 5 Feb

As I make my way around cramped medinas, spiced coffee, crazy soccer fans, egg tarts and broadway musicals, I will attempt to chronicle my tales here. Although it is unlikely I will fulfill my wish to see some snow this trip, it will be a tapestry of memory to last me a lifetime.

Bon voyage, you and me.

The One With The Beginning of Europe 2011 by


  1. Niki Cheong says:

    Sounds like great fun! :D Have a good and safe trip.

    You were really looking forward to this when we chatted the last time!

  2. HK Epicurus says:

    Dear Raz, have fun in Europe! Please take extra care when you board the Metro trains in Spain.
    My wallet was actually taken by 3 people as I boarded the metro (not that they know it has little money in it, as its just a decoy as I knew it was bound to happen).

    What they do is, 1 guy always tries to slip infront of you, like jumping the queue. Then he and another guy will immediately take up the side positions before you board. And when you try to walk into the carriage, they will bump you off together and make a weird noise, but in that mean time they are actually pushing you towards a 3rd person, usually a woman, who will in those few seconds open your bag’s zip and take away your wallet or anything valuable.

    Luckily I store my money elsewhere, but it was still inconvenient to have my credit card stolen :D Take a lot of photos for me!! :P

  3. Paul says:

    Have a wonderful time! Definitely a life-changing experience :)

  4. Razlan says:

    @ Niki – Yes, it was a treat for myself planned for months. And now that I am finally here (in London) I could hardly believe that.. I am back!

  5. Razlan says:

    @ HK Epicurus – Gosh, so many tales of pickpocketing in Spain, I am now nervous. Surprisingly my travel buddy (a girl) went to Spain so many times and never had any problem. I guess I will just store everything in my body pouch and carry a club everywhere I go.

  6. Razlan says:

    @ Paul – Thanks Paul! I will make daily notes as I go on the blog. Hope I can keep it up!

  7. imatraveller says:

    Its a pity that you are just taking a look see way of exploring 4 countries in 2 weeks. I will NEVER do that…

  8. Razlan says:

    @ imatraveller – Imagine this. You go into a city, soak into something really representative of the city, and you move on. Does that mean you know the city? Of course not. But even if you spend days in a city, like I did in Istanbul, does that mean you know the city? Of course not. It is the attitude you take in taking in the experience, not the speed, the duration, the selection.

  9. Razlan says:

    Nine months later, and here I am updating this thread. I got mugged in Madrid! LOL.

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