The One With My First TweetNotebook

A little surprise came in the mail today.

My First TweetNoteBook

Alright, so it was not really a surprise, as I ordered it online a couple of days ago. But I totally forgotten about it since then (as it often happens when it comes to impulse purchases), so when the package arrived, I was beside myself.

My First TweetNoteBook

TweetNotebook” is a personalized printed notebook of 320 almost blank pages, for you to fill with thoughts, reports, tools, to do’s,droodles , …. On the bottom of every page you’ll find a tweet, its timestamp and the url to retrieve this tweet online.

So on every page, you’ll find a little piece of your twitter-history. Sometimes fun, sometimes serious.

My First TweetNoteBook

This little bugger is just too cute for word. I can hardly bring myself to actually write in it. Available from TweetNotebook from EUR12.

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