The One With The SCMP App On iPad

The One With The SCMP App on iPad

I seldom blog about work, but the latest digital initiative that is sweeping my company is just too exciting not to be mentioned about.

SCMP is now the first Asian English newspaper with a dedicated iPad app. This digital initiative was put into motion some two months ago, and I personally saw how it evolved from being a concept to the actual thing hitting the iTunes store today, the same day when iPad arrives in Hong Kong market.

Needless to say, it was a breathtaking exercise… in all manners of the word. The rush, the adrenaline, the pressure were the very air we breathe for a good many weeks. It was a miracle that we manage to hit the market running with an approved ad and a Hong Kong-wide marketing blitz.

Personally I wasn’t involved in this project, but as part of the digital team here I can see how this launch herald a new beginning for SCMP. While print is always here to stay, digital will shape the future of news everywhere.

This launch has put SCMP ahead of the pack. There are lots more work to be done to ensure we remain the leader in this field, but I am confident. We might be a legend from the era of newspaper, but we will also be a force of the digital future.

The One With The SCMP App On iPad by


  1. Psdrwtay says:

    Nice app, but USD0.99 per issue. Are they serious – thats more than the paper version!

  2. nojetlag says:

    I'm very happy about the App. Content has to become same like print(quantity & sections) and I hope they bring a subscription for a fair price. Media still fails in digital a lot because they lack sense for fair prices. more or equal the paper will hardly be accepted by the generation internet.

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