The One With Social Media & Job Hunting

The One With Social Media & Job Hunting

I was amused, tickled and exasperated in equal measures reading this article by ZDNet Asia – Job hunters should avoid risky online behavior. In summary, the article claimed that job seekers should avoid putting themselves at risk by publishing inappropriate material on their social profiles, as employers have been found to reject possible candidates based on what they found online.

Now wait a minute. Are you saying that I should block/censor/vet every single tweet, status update, photos, shoutouts and checkins I do online so that my future in my next job would not be compromised?

You gotta be kidding me.

The article was written in such a way to “scare” job seekers in thinking that there are more harm than good in using social media actively. All in the name of fear what their future employers may found out about them.

Let’s flip this theory on its head: You should put even more of yourself into social profiles so that your employers know more about you at a personal and professional levels. While certain privacy level should be maintained, your level of activities on these networks may well be the reason you are hired into your next job.

The key here is self control. If you are really that damaged an individual, then you are really not worth being hired. If you think something is damaging to your reputation, than for the name of God don’t share it. Or at least, restrict who can access it.

At the same time, flaunt your expertise and knowledge on your blog. Have a sense of humour on Twitter. Be outgoing on Foursquare. Be prolific on Facebook.

We live in an age of social media. It will be sooner rather than later when all these will be as common as IMs and SMS.

So get on with the programme and practise common sense. And get that new job.

P.S.: And oh, if you are a recruiter and you don’t really like what you see in this post or on my online profiles…. well, probably I won’t like working for you too.

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