Avatar the Movie: How To Be A Na’vi & Make Pandora Your World

Avatar the Movie: How To Be A Na'vi & Make Pandora Your World

Imagine living in a world of vivid, technicolour. Where flora and fauna flourish in abandon, bursting with life at every turn. Where men and women (well, almost) live not only in perfect harmony with nature and its past, but totally dependent on each other for mutual survival.

Enter Avatar, the epic animation movie by James Cameron which has recently trumped Titanic as the highest grossing movie ever made in history.

The movie sparked far-fetched imagination in many people, including yours truly. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be able to tap into the history of his kind simply by “tying” his hair into a tree? Or to be able to command a flying creature by mere thoughts?

But like all things fanatic brought about by great but fictional movies, some people just went a tad too far.

I don’t know about you, but I think gathering in group to speak in tongue around a toilet-paper-strewn tree speaks of total craziness, not mere fanaticism. But in case that’s what float your boat, here’s five ways on how to become a Na’vi. And if you don’t know what a Na’vi is, probably you shouldn’t read any further.

#1 – Convince yourself that, yes, it is possible to get an Avatar for yourself. Though we might be years away before that technology can be developed, one can always hope miracles could happen within one’s lifetime, doesn’t one?

#2 – Imagine yourself as a Na’vi. I mean, get a preview. Probably you will be astounded how strangely blue you will look as a Na’vi, but hey it comes with the (crazy) package, no?

#3 – Get up to speed with the culture, history and appearances of the Na’vi community you are about to become a part with. If you can’t grow up as one, then at least read on how to be come one.

#4 – Of course, you have got to learn the Na’vi language; here’s an authoritative guide, and you can even download a pocket guide to learn as you go around your (soon-to-be-demolished) human ways. As guttural and animalistic as the language appears to be, I am sure you won’t expect many English-speaking Na’vis as you enter that fictional world… then again perhaps there will be enough English-speaking lunatics like you to make a tribe.

#5 – To be a true blue Na’vi, you gotta love your nature, and animals – ranging from the tame to the ferocious – come in all shapes and sizes. So learn up which one will kill you before letting you ride them… only then you can hope to last longer than a night in Pandora. I mean, not everyone is as militant as Jack Scully.

I don’t know about you, but the furthest I would go as much as I worship the incredible movie would be to purchase the collector’s edition DVD. Apart from everything great about Avatar, there is a promised sex scene between two Na’vi in it.

Oh, be warned though – in the world of Pandora, once you fucked a Na’vi, you are bonded for life.

Now go on and get a life.

(This blog post was inspired by Live Avatar)

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