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The One With The iPhone (No, Really)

My new iPhone 3GS, 32 GB

And so it happened. My new iPhone arrived today. It seems like only yesterday when I ordered one through a corporate subscription plan. Apparently, few ordered the 32GB version, hence stock is in abundance and mine arrived in record time.

My new iPhone 3GS, 32 GB

What do I know about the start of an iPhone love affair? Apparently, close to nothing. It took me a good half an hour figuring out how to insert the bloody SIM card – a hint: search on YouTube. After which, I remembered I need to wait until this Thursday for my number to be active.

My new iPhone 3GS, 32 GB

Not knowing what else to do with my still-charging phone, I snapped away and put a collection of photos of my new love on Flickr. Friends already suggested various apps for me to try. I would, surely.

What would you suggest?