Winter Holiday 2009

Winter Holiday 2009

So, it is finally happening. What started of as a whim of fancy manifested into reality In about five minutes from now, I will onboard a 14 hour flight to Amsterdam, where I will have a three hour transit before making my way to Prague.

After my winter holiday from last year to Istanbul, Santorini, Athens and London, it is almost unthinkable that I will make yet another trip to Europe… this time to cities in the northern Europe where things will be as foreign as roti prata with curry to the average angmoh.

And this time I will entirely on my home. The ten days ahead will be an adventure unlike any other I will ever experience, and I do hope I am up to the challenge. If nothing else, I could safely say… I have been there, and done that.

Bye Hong Kong, and see you in a bit.

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