5 Easy Steps for Better Anger Management

I need to control my anger!

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And so I was angry today over something that was beyond my control and someone’s seemingly childish behaviour towards what I was doing. Coupled with my recent stress and packed schedule, I snapped.

My close friends will tell you that I seldom get angry. I am always so calm and logical, you will be hard pressed to find me in a huff of the-world-has-something-against-me attitude.

A couple of angry, long and loaded SMS-es ensued between the “offending” party and I. In the end, he said sorry and I stopped myself from continuing my tirade. I realised that… perhaps, just perhaps, my anger was not justified. My outburst does not help the situation I was in, and at least two person were then upset.

I need to manage the situation. I need to gain control. So I did what I have to do:

#1 – Stop whatever I was doing. I know if I continued on berating on how I felt, it will never end and my anger will not abate. So I did nothing. And started the long journey home.

#2 – Took a deep breathe, and looked far, far away. I know this seems very cheesy – heck, even I did not believe in such crap – but to my amazement, it helped. My fast heartbeat subsided, and my palms felt less clammy.

#3 – Vented my anger elsewhere. At places where no one can understand the context of my anger, and yet help was on hand to calm you somewhat. I don’t know about you, but venting online (like on Plurk and Facebook) and the resulting comments helped.

#4 – Start to think about “what’s next” instead of “what happened”. There is little point to dwell on the who said what and when, really. What I need is a way to take on the next step, to make things better.

#5 – Look at the big picture. It was indeed just a small thing. There is always next time. And chances are the other party’s friendship is more important than this… qualm. After all, it is only because he is important enough to make me feel provoked in the first place.

If you like me, a can of beer (or two) will definitely make you feel better. Listen to your favorite music – Olivia Ong is playing on my iTunes right now. Oh, and blogging about it (like what I am doing now) is a really therapeutic way to manage your anger.

And to you: I am sorry for the outburst. I really am. We arrange for the next time ok?

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