Tales of Phuket – The Second Night

After a quick perk-me-up at the hotel to wash away the dust of my road trip, it’s time to explore Patong again. Earlier in the day, I was reading a publication that says “many tourists decided to spend their entire holiday at Patong Beach, as it is very well equipped to entertain their every whims and fancies”

Hmmm… that was kinda true. So I decided to spend my nights at Patong. Went to hunt for a night roadside stall, and found a place that looked good.

Patong Night Market

What I didn’t realise was that the food stalls were actually part of the Patong Night Market. I discovered a whole side of Patong that I never seen before as I walked beyond the stalls.

Patong Night Market

Endless cute hut-like bars, with half-drunk tourists playing games against their hostesses. Rows upon rows of stalls selling every touristy trinkets imaginable. The market wasn’t crowded, as the evening was still rather early, but I had a good time trawling along side the few early birds. In the end I didn’t buy anything, but had a satisfying dinner at the stalls.

After my little adventure, I decided to return to hotel for a little nap before the clubbing begin. It was almost 11 p.m. before I head out to find Yot at his place, which is located above a karaoke bar.

And he brought along his sweetheart – a little Chihuahua named Kwai Jin! The name means “homeless” in Thai. I wasn’t a fan of Chihuahuas, thinking that they are all yelping and biting little dogs of terror… but Kwai Jin proved me wrong. She was a sweet little thing. And I was very sure she has taken a liking to me.

Kwai Jin & Me

After spending sometime at the bar, we headed on the do some bar hopping. Yot knew where all the good shows are, and proceeded to bring me to a few. He was right, of course – the shows at these places were so much better than the ones I saw before. I took many photos and videos, but for some technical reasons only managed to upload a few:

Drag Show @ Boat Bar

Drag Show @ Boat Bar

Thanks to Yot for a great night out!

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