Tales of Phuket – The Night Before

Work and life had been so hectic and stressful for me recently, that I couldn’t appreciate the fact that I am going to Phuket for a holiday… until now.

Yes, folks, yours truly the self-proclaimed Phuket master will be paying yet another visit to the sunny island (you can read some of my more complete blog series on my Phuket trips here and here. Let me see… this would be the fifth time since my first trip in December 2006.

Some notes before I get started on the trip:

1) I booked my tickets from Tiger Airways. I usually travel by JetStar, but apparently they are no longer running flights to Phuket. And the bloody tickets cost me more than S$400! Ridiculous… and tomorrow morning will mark my first visit to the Budget Terminal. I am decidedly not looking forward to it.

2) Will be staying at StarOrchid Guesthouse, the same place I stayed the last time. Maybe it is really low peak season, but my total cost for three nights stay is only… S$70 odd. LOL. And the place is like 50m away from Patong Beach

3) Booked my usual cab driver to pick me up from airport. 500 baht one way. Cheap.

4) Found a money changer at Lucky Plaza who gave me really good rate. I checked at some other places – most quoted me 23.9 – but this place give me 24.3! And most importantly, she always give me a mixture and big and small notes. I likeeee.

Speaking of money, I was talking to a friend and was doing some budgeting for the trip, to make sure I have enough for everything….

That was funny. And that’s not all…

Ah well, it’s late, and I really don’t want to fall asleep at the beach again! Good night, people :)

Tales of Phuket - The Night Before by


  1. cheryl says:

    Judging by that msn convo, your friend sounds like an extremely witty, intelligent & charming individual.



  2. Razlan says:

    @ Cheryl – On the contrary, I think my chat partner was just jealous I was doing all those while she was ravaged by a fever that won’t go away :P

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